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  1. Discord is aot easier to maintain in my oppinion with the bots and customization with it.
  2. AGE: 23 InGame: Chris HOURS: 4k hrs https://gyazo.com/bd7b40080b3d7b9ca2aa0f210642dddd Who can vouch for you? Maybe house and spoon i dunno Previous Gangs: FSA, Badblood, Virute Why are you interested in joining Void? Looking for a cartel / chill gang
  3. I'm abit late but congrats @RoguePilot well deserved .
  4. Yea.... This doesn't make sense to me either. Why cant I have a bunch of vehicles it doesn't hurt anything
  5. The cops already get ifrit and everything else in the world. No need to add a buff for cops.
  6. PUT @Alec-Ivideos but not unban him waow
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