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wC Westside

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wC Westside Connect Gang

With a focus on cash money, we have built an entire drug network in key locations as well as allies in the right places.

Whether you're running drugs solo and need a squad, or you're looking to take cartels/turfs.

Consider this an invitation to our gangster nation.



250+ Hours

Age 17+


Financially Stable 500k+

Knowledge of Cartels/Turfs/Drugs

Discord while In-Game


wC is Recruiting for the following positions:


Responsible for managing drug operations, initiating gang wars, capping cartels, fed events, robbing other gangs, etc.

This is the second in command, overseeing the different clicks or sets within the gang consisting of:

Pill poppers

The Frontline - capping cartels, providing protection for drug runs, or fed events.

Youngins / Drug Couriers
Responsible for harvesting and processing drugs, and other drug related activities.


InGame Name:

Arma Hours (Screenshot):

Previous Gangs:

Bank balance:

What is your main money making activity?:

Which position listed above are you applying for?

Which click or set listed above are you applying for?

What can you bring to wC?:

Why do you want to join?:

Who can vouch for you?:

Applications can be PM'd to @wC OB1

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