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BH/Rebel Variants


Thoughts on adding any of the following gear/variants  

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  1. 1. Additional Variants

    • 4-Five Pistol (Khaki) for Rebels
    • Promet 6.5mm for Skiptracer (must have Apex Unlocked)
    • CSAT CBRN/GHILLIE SUIT for rebels
    • Make excess BH Honor same system as blood money for BH gear.

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3 hours ago, Lucien said:

I don't think a csat CBRN exists 

Cops have it. Its just a Camo Pattern thats all. Nothing to do with armor

2 hours ago, william said:

BH shoudnt get promet, too OP

Whats the difference between the MX and Promet tho?


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? What
Blood money (Ignore domination for a moment) is earned in an entirely different way from honor. In order to get blood money someone else has to of lost money along the way. Honor is magically spawned in from nothing.

also in the future provide a poll that has some sort of use please

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