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Clint Beastwood

****APD Policy Update 1/6/18****

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The Asylum Police Department has decided to take a stand against the cartels that flood our streets with illegal weapons and drugs.

After many years allowing these wars to continue we are taking the initiative to end the bloodshed.


Effective Immediately -


Sergeant + can issue a raid on a contested or capped cartel.

There are factors to ensure our officers are protected while undertaking these daunting tasks.

1. YOU MUST have at least 1 armored vehicle (strider/hunter) to be the lead vehicle on approach.  If NO armored vehicle is taken that Sergeant/Lieutenant is AWOL and will be demoted.

2. In order to receive back up there must be a surviving officer within 300m of the cap, IF THE OFFICER is killed while back up is enroute, the raid is considered over and any back up MUST resume normal duty.

3. You can take a helicopter to the cartel, it is NOT considered the last surviving officer if ground units are wiped.  The helicopter must return to base if all ground units are wiped.

4. These raids can only be issued one time per Sergeant+ per server restart.


Any questions please ask a Captain


- The Captains


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