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  1. @DankBud Its on the Dom server
  2. @Lang This is just replacing the Mil. tower on that hill. @DankBud Not a bad idea, i wanna see how it plays first and then ill move it a bit depending on feedback I get.
  3. @salty.connor This is gonna be the replacement
  4. Oh I dont care if people like or dislike it, I just felt that it was enough time for a change. and im glad people are stepping up to make something they want for everyone. I would like to hear feedback on why its shit and what could be changed
  5. looks really nice ! I still like mine tho lol but all jokes aside looks really nice dude good job ! @Calle.
  6. For the Vehicle discussion on strife I suggest... 1. If the plan is to make the maps rotate, then make it to where each map has its own different vehicle play. For example. 1A. Tano - HEAVY AIR/Ground Warfare = Helis, Heavy Tanks, AA Tanks, APCs, Light Vehicles. 2A. Altis - NORMAL AIR/Ground Warfare = Helis, Heavy Tanks, AA Tanks, APC's, Light Vehicles. 3A. Maldin - LIGHT Ground Warfare = APC's, Light Vehicles. 2. If the plan is not to make the maps rotate, then put the map as Tano... 2A. Tano has a shit ton of cover from Armor and Air vehicles any way.
  7. @Jesse My vote would be for Strife to comeback. With Strife things to remember... 1. Remove Mines Spam. 2. No Advanced Flight model. 3. Put in the Asylum buy menu. 4. No 9.3 Caliber. 5. Put the map either Tano, Maldin or Laviona. 6. Put in most of the OG asylum code in it like... 6a. Group system, Jump Script, Tac-ping etc... 7. Keep Voice channels to... Group and Direct. 8. Maybe an abilty to build up defenses on a captured point (Nothing crazy like) 9. Perks & Skill Trees for both factions. 9a. Perks added onto a faction for controling a certain part of the map like...(
  8. Its seems alot of people want to see OG Stratis ( With Meth ) come back. My 0.002$ is why not make it Straits, it seems like this 2nd server isnt really going to be focused on as a real server but only a back-up when S1 is full. Which brings up the question how many will S2 populate 25, 50 people maybe ? Thats a whole lot of island ( Altis ) for a small number of people running around. With Straits its a small to mid range Island perfect for those looking to get themselves into quick and chaotic fights or make some quick money while you wait for S1 to lower in numbers. If Stratis where to get
  9. Asylum Confirmed Asylum needs a ping limit
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