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  1. How I have missed the Gang on Gang memes, brings me back to the old days <3 KEEP THEM COMING !
  2. How I have missed the Gang on Gang memes, brings me back to the old days <3 KEEP THEM COMING !
  3. I would recommend for a testing period, The removal of cop lethal pay-outs. So that when a cop kills a wanted person it does not remove his/her bounty. It would be an interesting test to see peoples reaction and to see if RP is used more. Along with cops having to use downing rounds, and only using lethals to get a advantage over the fire-fight. Thoughts ?
  4. Also to I think some APD backpack textures would be a cool thing to add aswell.
  5. @GO7NEY Very nice my man, a few things I would suggest to add would be to make it not so clean looking or so dark. For example make it so that the elbow pads and the knee pads are a dark beige color. Along with adding on some dirt around the uniform like the feet and hands part and also making a few of the other parts of the clothing stand out a bit. Then it will be perfect !
  6. Cant make everyone happy, I will say it was the first test run of the event and im hoping to make it better as time goes on
  7. lol that I do, hence why I stayed in the APD for such a long time and became a Captain in said cop force. I think what you mean to say is... I hate people that like to cause drama over nothing and or little things such as moving to another server. But thanks for saying my event was fun. @danile666
  8. @STON3COLDK1LL3R Let me guess that bounty is from how mang ppl you have ran over with your vehicle since you started playing on asylum. Action taken.
  10. Good shit brother @Dom Keep them coming !
  11. Oh but then you would actually have to talk and RP with the cops to get a bounty reduced or pardoned instead of just sitting and waiting to be lethaled by cops and then complain about it when they dont use downing. Stop crying and complaining, we all know you dont play enough nor do you care to bring something new to the Asylum servers to try.
  12. +1 what scott said Just make it so you dont get pardon after a cop lethals you.
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