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  1. long term playability LUL *plays arma for a month* *gets tired of 20 fps* *plays dayz* *gets 80 fps*
  2. fuck ur opinion. arma is ass.
  3. dead games can come back, just look at dayz. thats where like half of asylum went in the past 2 weeks.
  4. welcome back baby
  5. he doesnt do minecraft anymore. he does like scifi game stuff. like KSP and other things. Also solves rubiks cubes for like 2 hours straight sometimes. but yea, plays with lirik like 3 times a week. sometimes more.
  6. Hmm... So if Motown is unemployed and Asylum is in need of developers... @bamf @Motown
  7. subscription is good, all the kiddies without jobs wont be able to play then. u think mom is going to give their autistic son her debit card every month? i think not. hell, it might even motivate these fat sacks of shit to get off their ass and get some money.
  8. Fuck you. Minecraft > Arma
  9. tarro was secretly helping him. blacklist for meta1!!1
  10. its cuz i was on my phone, im at home now tho so i can post it
  11. Ur dick smaller than the Statue of Liberty, the generic version. Edit: I had a good picture for this but it won’t insert for some reason which ruined this joke.
  12. Bye

    i like instigating. @|Casper| @Big Fred @JackH @wollie35 @Batcan @justi @Jack7296 @Rosie whoever you disagree with in this thread just told me in dms you have a small dick. FIGHT!
  13. in a matter of minutes the "be toxic" thread was shutdown. pour one out for our fallen soldier.
  14. yea bitch. im rando, ya know, the dude who would blow urs houses up all the time. the fuck bro, i thought we were friends.