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  1. also voted for hillary and thinks obama was the 2nd coming of christ
  2. what nazi admin hid my post of ppl I would like to see unbanned? Un admin them please on Jan 1
  3. Arma 3 BR was actually a lot of fun
  4. is there gunna be a unban wave tho i think everyone i played w/ is banned
  5. Its free to play now
  6. https://gyazo.com/2e71341b2013052c7d844cd388c4461f ASLKDHAD
  7. stop bumping ur montages if they where any good i wouldnt mind but they suck so stop please
  8. gtfo the thread your fingers prob smell like doritos and cum loser
  9. Bye

    you blow cock
  10. looks really gay and un-fun
  11. As soon as you leave spawn theres a warzone
  12. i havnt been home all day gotta get server pop up some how
  13. Join now for a stack of iron and diamonds! Special Promo ends soon
  14. Hotfix1 - Fixed Spawn - Added warzone
  15. Take ur negativity elsewhere. Our minecraft server is a place of good things and equality for everyone except for you. Your toxicity is not appreciated here, good day loser