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  1. HardAhr

    Asylum Announcement

    buy a ts server and get all my e-friends unbanned
  2. HardAhr

    Asylum Announcement

    can i join someones gang
  3. HardAhr

    DayZ in a nutshell

    they removed 39 guns just so they can re add them later and hype ppl up
  4. HardAhr

    Shed Friend

    lagswitching doesnt work on dayz
  5. HardAhr


    https://store.steampowered.com/app/834910/ATLAS/ Anyone want to play this game when it comes out in 6 days. Looks very good
  6. HardAhr

    FREE GAME!!!!

    15 rounds and u had like 10 kills against LE's u fuckin blow
  7. HardAhr

    FREE GAME!!!!

    supreme and couldnt out do a silver
  8. HardAhr

    Redemption ~ massi montage 3

    the montage that got him kicked from temper lol
  9. HardAhr

    Don't blame him, its 2018!

    also voted for hillary and thinks obama was the 2nd coming of christ
  10. HardAhr


    what nazi admin hid my post of ppl I would like to see unbanned? Un admin them please on Jan 1
  11. HardAhr

    CSGO BattleRoyale

    Arma 3 BR was actually a lot of fun
  12. HardAhr


    is there gunna be a unban wave tho i think everyone i played w/ is banned
  13. HardAhr


    Its free to play now
  14. HardAhr

    Minecraft Server Patch 1.0

    https://gyazo.com/2e71341b2013052c7d844cd388c4461f ASLKDHAD
  15. HardAhr

    Montage #7 - thero

    stop bumping ur montages if they where any good i wouldnt mind but they suck so stop please