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  1. bump
  2. Just now caught up... holy fuck.
  3. Anyone mind guiding me to a working link for episode 2?
  4. +1
  5. The DLC jets are not even the problem from a pilots perspective. I see Wipeouts and Neophrons more than anything else. Those two are the models that are making everyone soggy cry babies lmao.
  6. If you jump the price the experienced pilots are just going to be more inclined to go on the same side more so than they already are. We already have jets that might be removed in the future anyways due to "community feedback." Nobody is going to buy that. We will just stock up before the price is raised. Often times you'll spend that money, get airborne.. and then the server kicks you out spontaneously. Goodbye to your 10 minute 60k investment. If you raise the price we will just move to one side exclusively, nobody is going to spend that money on a plane on an unstable server when the aircraft is voting to get removed to begin with.. on top of that we are already competing with each other.
  7. This isn't the only bug(sorry if I hijack this a bit).^^^ When rearming aircraft the progress bar only goes to 95%, which removes the "ammo" for the laser marker. Even when it was stocked before re-arming. JTACs on both teams also do not start off with loaded laser designators, you have to go to a crate to re arm yourself right after spawn. Its not really a problem and more of an inconvenience.
  8. This
  9. I feel like for the price of $60000 for the best airframes, and the fact that you have to face off against other competent gamer pilots.. The jets pretty much nerf themselves. You've got to be either really good.. have outstanding situational awareness every moment.. and just "get lucky" to be a pilot that is able to make any profit and break even while flying in the first place. Give us a break.
  10. Corrected. By the way @Waldo, I had 8 1/2 hours of footage. I attempted to find a skirmish or two of ours because we went back and forth a bit, respectably. I didn't want the video to be too long, and I didn't feel like digging for buried treasure either. It was cool flying against you.
  11. Check it out, or not. Thanks for bringing tanoa and the jets back. Featuring Drunk Squad and @Brendon Smith
  12. No, don't take them away. Learn to coordinate with your teammates, don't take your salt out on other players. For some of us the jets are the only reason we play.
  13. The Caesar BTT is available at every air shop. If you can't see it you probably need a talent unlocked(though I wouldn't know for certain) or apex?