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  1. Oh I seen em dont worry
  2. lol go back to your rathole retard. Nobody wants you here. You're a bot on olympus, what makes you think you'll be anything else on here?
  3. Shame you couldn't play in gang wars fagit ur a g9d
  4. He came back 5 hours later lmao
  5. He's canadian lol, they still living in the stone age apparently
  6. Just leave it lad. The fights over. Even with being 2 men down in the 2nd fight and 1 down in the 3rd we still won. I myself got booted off 3 times in the first round alone. Shit was cancer for both teams. But it's over now, so lets all get over it.
  7. The fact that @Lorax's router is completely fried was due to server lag. n1
  8. And we thought gang wars couldn't get any worse than last time
  9. lol
  10. ily
  11. how do you still play this server @Crunchedd bb
  12. Ewwww Don't make me cringe @Xehons Thanks for reminding me why I no longer play this god awful server. It makes me sad what the player base has come to.
  13. that ifrit wipe was disgusting
  14. Nice one laddy
  15. tom

    fucking hell