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  1. Haven't even watched it yet but I miss you @Corgi </3
  2. Can outrun my gun lorax 8==D -------------------
  3. ^
  4. Nope he hasn't been. But come on timmy, you can throw a better insult at this retard than that ahah <3 @^Connor_K you have a scope for a reason buddy, the third person spraying when someone's 100m away is painful to watch
  5. Am I the only one who notices the pulldowns? My mans running round full autoing the floor
  6. @Boris you're the freakiest guy I've ever known. i'll always remember the disturbing soundboards you used to spam in group chat at restarts back in Instinct 1.0. For real though, good luck in life bro. I hope you go far and do whatever you wanna accomplish because you really deserve it mate. <3
  7. @Roicesb Bringing that heat
  8. The Honorable mentions bit cracked me up xd Nice Tage Sugarmong @Sugarfoot
  9. Nigguuuhhh, your ifrit fucked me up and winchester fat ass saw me vdmed on the floor and still shot me. Ofc I was gonna be mad
  10. Hahahahahah <3 @Lorax
  11. :)

    wrong forum.
  12. w0w dood how rude of u
  13. This is gay
  14. Walt's my boy from a long ass time ago you stinky fucker. We were in fucking wicked together lmfao
  15. is the legend back? It's gareth btw xddd