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  1. hes gay af there are all black here In-game name: gaybreath Age: 17 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): 564 Previous gangs: batty boys Why would you like to join Prime: corgi How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week): 17
  2. your peep tat is so gay
  3. such a peng man with peng hair
  4. this isn't AE (whoever the fuck they are) or FSA. You might see us in kavala, but certainly not with you. Denaynayed
  5. 2 mil lad you got me there tbf^^
  6. THE MISSING SERVER HAS HALF OF OUR GANG WARS WINNINGS ON IT @Norwegianviking that shit better come back up lmao
  7. idk man i dont wanna get involved but you're acting like a cunt in this video lol
  8. Feel bad for you lads honestly lmao. Seems like you just wanted a bit of fun and clearly willmong didn't want that to happen haha. ily @william but you're a fucking awful leader oh my
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