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  1. i luv u
  2. idk man i dont wanna get involved but you're acting like a cunt in this video lol
  3. Bro it really doesn't seem like that :/
  4. Feel bad for you lads honestly lmao. Seems like you just wanted a bit of fun and clearly willmong didn't want that to happen haha. ily @william but you're a fucking awful leader oh my
  5. poppin a bean ooh ye I lost my spleen oooooooh yeah I love lil xan, nice tage big tits
  6. Bump 4 the best montage in asylum history
  7. Oh I seen em dont worry
  8. lol go back to your rathole retard. Nobody wants you here. You're a bot on olympus, what makes you think you'll be anything else on here?
  9. Shame you couldn't play in gang wars fagit ur a g9d
  10. He came back 5 hours later lmao
  11. He's canadian lol, they still living in the stone age apparently
  12. Just leave it lad. The fights over. Even with being 2 men down in the 2nd fight and 1 down in the 3rd we still won. I myself got booted off 3 times in the first round alone. Shit was cancer for both teams. But it's over now, so lets all get over it.
  13. The fact that @Lorax's router is completely fried was due to server lag. n1