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  1. Its just a game man, the devs lost interest long ago as it is
  2. I can spot those kneepads from a mile away buddy
  3. Not one, not two but all three servers just went down in a 30 minute period, I've had enough Asylum for the day lol
  4. Tell em temper boy
  5. lol

    He got wiped, he's not in the best mood
  6. S1 Meth House - Starting at 350k S1 Arms House - Starting at 250k / S1 Donor Reb Garage - Starting at 250k S2 Donor Reb Garage - Starting at 250k
  7. I think I deserve some type of recognition for that, if it wasn't for my heli he wouldn't of had that opportunity Sickk montage tho
  8. It's not like we spawned it in, like hello?!
  9. The incredible admins had mercy on young sniperdallas122 and decided to unban me, now all the Stellar boys can hold back the flaming
  10. Leave that weird gang your in bb
  11. He had his first sexual encounter yesterday and now he has 10+ hickies on his body, I'm sure he'll tell you all about it if you asked
  12. It's a good time
  13. How big are you, damn