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  1. @tryhardsqueaker Where were you?
  2. I mean at least he hit C unlike @OperationSB
  3. I don't blow but I don't have the game
  4. Keep getting hit off actually
  5. Wifi isn't good here
  6. Killed a guy reviving -1
  7. England is my city
  8. Montage 8 Hope you all enjoy This will be my last montage
  9. I don't want to be distracted, just going to bring a laptop
  10. Unfortunately
  11. Bye friend
  12. As some of you may already know I will be quitting asylum soon. I am off to university in less than 10 days and am unable to bring my PC with me. I joined the asylum community 9 months ago and I have met a lot of great people on the way. I would just like to thank everyone who made it happen. @Kemp – Allowed me to join my first ever gang Defiance. @NewYork718 – Accepted me back in the Core days. @tryhardsqueaker – Been in many gangs with you, stay lit. Still remember you afking Arma to get those hours up to apply for Stellar. It’s good that you finally learned all the callouts. (Sorry for all the tk’s) @Marzoh – Gave me trial back in the OG Stellar days even though I didn’t know any callouts and had barely been to arms island. Montage 18 wasn't up to par, it's time to stop. @ChicoXL – Really funny guy. I'll try not to remove you off steam next time I die. @Space. – Gave me my first ever Lieutenant spot in Primitive. @Cory B – Accepted me into Reliance and gave me my second ever Lieutenant spot. @PublicEnemy – Good guy. Always remember how you got leader big guy. @Tricks - Plz stop calling me your using up all my minutes. I'll change my voicemail soon. @Operation Smoked Bacon - You need to stop watching anime, its destroying your brain. @Chungo - Montage 8 is out my friend. Some notable names – @Mathy, @U^c0ver, @Chester GoldPenis, @Squirtle, @Twinkie, @Adam Edgar, @Faarooq, @dennozZ, @Sugarfoot, @Obu Obu Obu, @Xehons, @Slayin, @pLayToy, @ItsViolett, @Gravity, @Penguin_, @BoDjango, @Chase, @Crunchedd,