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  1. I wish I recorded back when we actually used it because it never worked but it was so much fun
  2. Great song, great montage
  3. Fire
  4. Neither
  5. Cya buddy, it was fun
  6. I love factory, I can never 1 hit ppl tho like you, Im a bit jealous
  7. -1
  8. Go check out Operations channel, his latest video is fire https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXWeflAH8kFiZctLidBb6Zw
  9. Can we have a community vote for the next batch of mods? Would like to plus 1 some certain people.
  10. Same
  11. That's what I'm going for here
  12. This isn't a donation, this is an investment...I will become the best SQL developer around and will fix the servers I would like to talk to the man himself either in ts or the forums @Mitch (IFRIT)
  13. Hey, so I am unaware as to the reasoning to the removal of my developer application. Could you please elaborate? Also, I would like to put in a formal comp request to fund an SQL training course. Here's a link at what I'm looking at. Consider this as an investment instead of a loan, in a couple months I will have learned SQL and will be a valuable asset to the asylum staff. When you talk it over with Gnashes and Bamf, please include my PayPal Forgot the link - https://www.coursera.org/learn/algorithms-part2 It's close to 700$ I'm posting this since Mitch won't respond to me via PM's
  14. Still waiting for your response to my proposal