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  1. Teach me how to watch a ladder.
  2. Thanks. Took me a few hours with windows movie maker. Couldn't figure out how to add sound. Is my first montage
  3. Why would you put this god awful clip in a montage.
  4. Why was the last thread locked? @Crunchedd @Xehons
  5. Wha happen between 0:05 and 0:06?
  6. IDAP has a new medic drone at its disposal to be able to quickly move cargo or supplies to a specific location. @bamf =)
  7. Are you the real buddy. Say something only buddy would say
  8. Is there no way to make that x any bigger. Or is it max size already
  9. Rebel. Talents. Prestige system similar to bounty hunters? Something new to work toward would be nice for gang life
  10. @Psycosis Why did you blow up the strider? =(
  11. To be fair he hit a car with the Ifrit and it slid into you.
  12. That's deep, hit me right in the feels
  13. Thank you for that, needed a good laugh