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  1. We already get screwed by greedy govs putting taxes at 20%. Don't see why I should have to pay 75% to take out prestige. Also the rewards for eminent are a jet & title. Yet everyone can buy the jet, so what's the point?
  2. Can you show it on the map.
  3. You have a source for that? Knew it would take a while but not that long when they have the nost build already
  4. I'll probably try it out again once they bring out vanilla servers.
  5. Desperate times man, had to thin the crowd
  6. +1 on the retexture. No need for increased armor, especially plate.
  7. Adding armed jets would also improve gang life in my opinion
  8. I like how you put your engine failure into the montage. 10/10
  9. By we I mean 99% of the APD.
  10. Pretty even given we can only use 6.5. I'd be fine with lower armor if we could purchase mks
  11. If you were to learn English and show some respect I'm sure you'd get better results.
  12. Blue Mountain State
  13. Smells like a trap. Here's my app link i'd like 6 points thanks
  14. @Buddy 110 11/10. Thanks for not destroying my hummingbird as well
  15. Start singing Hannah Montana and have them sing along. 9/10 times they'll pay you to stop torturing them.