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  1. Server 3 running well, haven't noticed any issues while playing. You should keep it up 24/7 along with server 1/4
  2. Not a money related issue, servers are paid monthly whether in use or not. Wouldn't waste your time complaining on the forums, quite obvious the devs aren't listening. Timely updates and new content would fix all the issues with asylum but devs can't be bothered. They take the easy route and kill 2 servers so they don't have to do anything
  3. Would be better to cap servers at 80 and bring up 2 as well. The constant crashes show the servers can't handle 100 players
  4. How much are we talking here? Would you be able to meet me at a safe exchange point like a police hq?
  5. Good to hear
  6. 2:27 @DankBud @Biground Stop stealing my helis
  7. @bamf Can you bring server 3 back online please?
  8. We already get screwed by greedy govs putting taxes at 20%. Don't see why I should have to pay 75% to take out prestige. Also the rewards for eminent are a jet & title. Yet everyone can buy the jet, so what's the point?
  9. Can you show it on the map.
  10. You have a source for that? Knew it would take a while but not that long when they have the nost build already
  11. I'll probably try it out again once they bring out vanilla servers.
  12. Desperate times man, had to thin the crowd
  13. +1 on the retexture. No need for increased armor, especially plate.