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  1. cory b's body guard reporting for duty
  2. I recently sold my gaming computer and the guy is coming to pick it up tomorrow. Been playing here for a long ass time on and off and it was always fun. At one point I was pretty much addicted to playing Asylum, spending 10 hours per day. The past year or so I have not really been gaming much, guess im kinda growing up or whatever. I wont be coming back to Asylum, or gaming in general. I'm moving on with my life. I never wrote a farewell before but uh yea, shout out to everyone i use to play with. I would tag people but u know who u r lol. bye asylum and thanks for a fun 4 years.
  3. Are you joking? Every time i play the server goes down within an hour.
  4. selling flash-bangs unlimited supply 3k each
  5. google always steals helis "dude that was so fun that was just like the good old days"
  6. mitch lets be real you dont even know how to go into 3rd person xd
  7. Please do this so I can advertise cory b's montage
  8. think im paying $100 for a mill you wack lmao
  9. u dont talk shit about cory b without getting through me first pal
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