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  1. A long time ago google told me he does something bad on the servers, but he wouldnt tell me what because it would get him perm banned. never thought it was cheating considering how shit he is. jk google no but really
  2. bum41


    hockey > lax
  3. who unplugged the old fucks life support
  4. bum41


    you had a typo there buddy. apply to the APD
  5. bum41


    make me captain ill take care of these scum
  6. Generation Z and Millennial's are not the same thing. Take advantage of everything around you, because if you don't then someone else will :^).
  7. stealing from a company worth nearly a trillion, owned by a guy worth over another 130+ billion.
  8. asylum needs to just give up and host a GTA server. Arma itself is dead and if Asylum wants any success, GTA is the way to go for now.
  9. in the end im saving money thats all i care about
  10. A piece of shit that gets free stuff
  11. order a new one on amazon, when it gets to ur house swap them out and say it came broke. they will refund you and now u have a free new screen
  12. attention seeking faggot
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