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  1. Hello, my friend, we are strong together, I do not know you, but to really know a person we should know what friends say about her, so I'm here, I made the donation
  2. I wanted to put my friends in the van, and go to the rebel
  3. Already asked this question here, why I do not talk about the DLC, but the vehicle
  5. When giving the combat record, he should have an estimated countdown time that could be delivered to his body that is still in the vehicle, so when he enters the game, he would go to jail if he enters before the time runs out , He would return Normal When he delivered his remaining body, he would automatically go to jail.
  6. @distinto The day you sell alert I buy
  7. A cop does not need to buy his vest again, I created this topic with a motive, that the BH of the top (Master Crusader, Apex Predator) Had a different weapon than a rookie who achieved 500 honor, who managed to climb the tree deserves an MXM or more, no one talks about the expenses that one has with clothes collect weapons, MX is not manufactured remember cop.
  8. I want more for it makes it much easier to defend or attack
  9. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 200k Location (Town/DP#): RODOPOLI X SOFIA Asking Price: OFFER Description: beautiful Good to defend cartel with ifrit Crafting: Firearm Production Factory https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/851596011534373054/D75DF86B78972E10B067C289060ED5A9D1D5D333/
  10. @Gnashes,He is very intelligent, he will recognize that the Master Crusader, Apex Predator, is not simple civil, and as a cable, if he spends a lot of money and time, the more pleasure we gain, we love arresting bad people and taking care of the city.
  11. Only a little will be yours.
  12. We are talking about the same house, this is a few km, there is water in the market, 2 barrels and a box with materials and weapons
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