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  1. Who ever dropped on cap like that is awful.
  2. if you want to get carried in Rust i'm available. Only game im good at
  3. don't want money but I can help you out. I know my way around photoshop/lightroom
  4. cinematography, photography, video games, music. i live a boring life for now.
  5. That's just the way we farm money now
  6. Saw him playing PUBG on discord with nashes. They are alive!
  7. inb4 everything he does is shot down just like Mayhem said.
  8. Not wasting my time.
  9. @Ken. I dunno if he would sell them though
  10. solid comeback
  11. I can tell you never left your basement because of the stupid shit you say.
  12. i been doing arma 3 for a year now and it has really fucked me up
  13. bye

  14. You combatlogged because you lost a fight, and you can't handle that. Just proves how childish you are.