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  1. you better be as good as saul goodman
  2. Please tell him to hurry i really want to play!
  3. hold the fuck up.
  4. Don’t have a team but I’m the only good CS player here just give me the money
  5. nice video
  6. keep up the grind i believe in you
  7. ur mom gave me that ass
  8. thats easy for you to say you lazy fuck
  9. I know you said you don't have a stand alone mic, but I bought 5 headsets and tested them all and this was the best. Audio Technica ATH M50x If you want a standalone mic, this one will make you sound like jesus Audio Technica AT2035 If you buy the mic, you will need a audio interface that supports XLR
  10. who would buy arma more then once
  11. who the fuck runs money. DUPE speed bombs
  12. abuses downing rounds. needs to start using more lethals
  13. there is lots of salty peanuts. good job on the update though. ill be sure to install arma just to try out the new bank. Why when I leave the community you start being a good dev again
  14. I think the walls near the water need to be removed. Back ladder needs to be accessible from the outside so the HQ isnt OP. Back deer stand is a great idea. Over all very nice. Great job