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  1. nice
  2. looks fun
  3. You dont need any mods, just hop in and play. also stay out of kavala.
  4. 500k ish
  5. ban appeal - crate text him 3 mins ago, you only saw a 13 secound clip. 500k comp
  6. I have a 40k 500 meters from donor rebel.
  7. I really hate trying to gear up then 3 police cars come rolling up. +1
  8. a damn refresh button for when we are naked but have gear on client side. oh and pyrgos prison
  9. Athria HQ should be a red zone
  10. Would relaunching strife with 8.0 be a good idea though? I feel like it would split the player base to much.
  11. maybe...
  12. This happens to me. Try restarting steam.