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  1. you listen to Eminem
  2. lost quad bike full of weed please comp
  3. I go from gold to plat every day. I think i was gold 1 during this video.
  4. Hm, mostly any competitive game people callout saying they killed one in x location instead of being silent.
  5. Always good to just callout "1 down" instead of staring at your kill feed and not saying anything at all
  6. What I think you are getting at here is why they are giving callouts at cartels and not role playing in Kavala. Cartels are for competitive players and they are making callouts letting there team know they got one killed in X location. Example - say you push window, and you already know there is 2 people there. You walk up, you kill one and then your team knows that there is 1 less player in that location because you just said "1 down".
  7. just found out we can use @Olio's emotes on the fourms now
  8. Are you EU or NA? Faceit NA is complete garbage
  9. these are not funny anymore btw
  10. are you calling my gang "envy" shit? @Rodrigo this guy is kicked & blacklisted from Envy