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  1. ill fuck tour shit up
  2. still fighting autistic kids for a living?
  3. nah i am
  4. ayy so put that in the gang bank so bunni can take it
  5. @Bunni we could of won gang wars if u wanted to play
  6. people still play wtf
  7. @Mitch (IFRIT) of course u wouldnt want Strife back u big Virgin
  8. your like 12 years old the only thing u can show is the doggy door fucking midget
  9. Nigga who the fuck are u
  10. Should I Come Back To Make Another Fire Montage?
  11. "Im a Savage" congrats u can shoot people not even looking at u shitter
  12. trash just like at every game
  13. bump 4 April fools
  14. This is just like minecraft back in the day good old days