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  1. I will love to play arma again, but I don't think I will this is tempting though
  2. https://twitch.tv/cnnr_tv
  3. The cartel is no longer happy to fight now yk how all of the boomers feel
  4. ur rlly bumping ur own montage sheeeeeeesh
  5. twitch.tv/cnnr_tv
  6. yeah, but ppl were in the ifrits kinda a grey zone right here I think
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/cnnr_tv
  8. oh man short man syndrome really hitting tommy
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/cnnr_tv League Match CSGO
  10. went from getting 25 kills a fight now u can only get 2 and youve never stopped playing the game
  11. "not talking about noma" gf/dabest - NOMADOX - jimmy
  12. dont paint my nails please
  13. he cant count hes retarded
  14. @House ;) what this kid talking shit about long island we will run this fools pockets
  15. pull up to long island so I can take the black nail polish off
  16. im tiktok famous unlike ur ass cunt
  17. ah yes the charity pack where they had us pay for the skins
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