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  1. https://gyazo.com/8064f965f1788f16da3a42aa1de0fccd @OLL13drinking his piss full video coming soon
  2. well you see. Us people like to quit and live a real life, for example, go out drinking
  3. i think I made u reno best gang to ever grace arma
  4. needs to be fights on asy soon
  5. put a clip of me shooting blanks ;/
  6. aslan... do you not know what tool breaks which object the fastest? I prob have 10k hours in minecraft if you want me to teach you
  7. Theres a reason for everything once you get into a good gang you'll know why I do it on servers were I just want to frag I frag ask the other gangs I play with
  8. or maybe your situation makes absolutely 0 sense. a gang wont be scared to drop on 10 ifrits pushing maybe you are because you are "unskilled"
  9. we are now a COD gang https://gyazo.com/befb7828c37a1093ef6bc8e3d01af1d2 watch me on twitch.tv/cnnr_tv
  10. having less people would have ppl stop ego dropping and actually value their life +1
  11. jb can do anything he wants lol
  12. another observation. this is an arma 3 fourms not for ur shitty cod kills
  13. this game is based on just straight killing and you still put single kills
  14. lol this is cute, this is asylum I like the suggestions tho
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