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  1. I was in Olympus Plague with you </3
  2. Holy shit your unbanned, when did this happen?
  3. bitch we signed up for this together, and you already know im boutta get arrested 70 times
  4. they wont do that second one cause it would just piss some of the civ pop off, and people normally do a bank and are like "oh hey we have the numbers to do a fed lets do a fed" it normally takes a few minutes to prep for a fed anyway so I don't see the problem entirely. The prison, on the other hand, isn't too hard to deal with. People normally just do it for a quick charge or to actually break someone out. Most do these things at the same time so others can do runs, do a smaller event, make money from bank or get someone out of prison (cause ive been told fed takes priority), or just to fuck with people for fun.
  5. It's a smaller franchise but I enjoyed it, it was the Hotline Miami series. They have an interesting story behind it but its pixels and some don't enjoy the games because of it but I would recommend it.
  6. i couldn't think of anything clever
  7. at least im not bronze anymore
  8. hah I actually did well for once and got a decent rank, landed gold 3 so fuck you @Crunchedd I'm not to bad anymore. What did everyone else place if you've done yours yet just curious
  9. maybe play this server
  10. well you got a big nose thats for sure
  11. its to late already cooked you big nose
  12. rewatch your montages fat boy
  13. @SafeMode can't wait for that again in Legion 3.0
  14. This was my spanish teachers thing
  15. You could end up being a gentleman if they remove these spawns