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  1. excuse me sir why wasn't I mentioned? Is it because I stole gang bank?
  2. I never said it was trash I just said buy a new monitor, you said I am putting up a front. You're as well and acting "hard", I have no problem with you standing up for your friend go for it I do the same. Also I have no clue how to edit that's why I don't have one <3
  3. Idgaf if you're sticking up for him go for it, but you're calling me out for something you're doing as well you're contradicting yourself and I just wanted to make that clear. xd
  4. I'm a pussy who wouldn't say shit to someone irl? You're the one whos acting like a hard ass xd, you must think you're so cool doing the same thing you're trying to call me out for.
  5. Im so scared of someone online oh no you've got me shaking in my boots
  6. buy a new monitor
  7. That caused Rebel Camping/Rebel Ratting which I used to do and its pretty fucking annoying. This would also be cool, most have gained warpoints only for them to be displayed on the Asylum website with no gain. If you were to make them worth something people would war more often, and possibly fight a bit more. You could add things such as a warpoints vehicle shop I'm not sure what the fuck would be put in it but it could be done, another thing with this idea comes would it be like Olympus where you get extra points for longer distance kills and would it be based off of what the other person has? Say someone has a protector and claps a guy with full CSAT and everything, will they get more points for them having less gear or not? That's all I got
  8. You should do the same <3
  9. #13

    Montaged by this legend twice you must feel honored huh? @SafeMode
  10. no its the element of surprise, and it seems you don't enjoy surprises
  11. freesin @S^N Sin: get me unperm'd from asylum Sin: thank u free this mans dumbass <3
  12. lookin good johnny
  13. cya

    xd hipster i bet you wear your shirts inside out. I bet you also think your special because you think goodbye posts are stupid xd