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  1. rude
  2. can't wait for this new content man I'd love to get at it as soon as it comes out!
  3. don't worry I've assembled the boys @maxko @silton
  4. never mind he already saw my profile pic
  5. Hmmmmmmmm.... We'll talk later
  6. Hell yeah I'm allowed to play even with the ban
  7. tl;dr probably was ok montage
  8. Sup

    I like the avatar man, Colorado Kush is pretty damn good
  9. Alright thanks mate
  10. I had Twinkie and Shaq explain to me I can't just shank everything I see
  11. So I recently got escape from Tarkov and within the first 30 Minutes, I've lost all my gear any tips or anything?
  12. i linked him an ip grabber to olympus forums lmao
  13. fuck off gook can't stop won't stop
  14. I agree, free my rock gargler or I'm pulling nabbing your oxygen tank