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  1. well I played and I'm permed for duping and ban evading I saw no point in cheating cause gang wars should be fun, fair, for families, and balanced and also rated at least PG-13
  2. tf? damn im surprised I did that well tbh thought I was gonna come into this and get my average of 1 kill
  3. LET MY BOYS PLAY @Roice
  4. I’d like to ask that we don’t play envy first
  5. Also I told you I was takin him off the roster
  6. Idk man
  7. hell yeah lets fucking go C9 it's are year man I'm tellin you
  8. not bad my guy
  9. rude
  10. can't wait for this new content man I'd love to get at it as soon as it comes out!
  11. don't worry I've assembled the boys @maxko @silton
  12. never mind he already saw my profile pic
  13. Hmmmmmmmm.... We'll talk later
  14. Hell yeah I'm allowed to play even with the ban