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  1. and one of us in permed on asylum
  2. I need a grotty gang to get me through this perm
  3. If I did I probably never would've used mate
  4. Cause he caught me the first time
  5. rip knew I was gonna get caught again lmao l8r thanks for the 2nd chance but I guess I don't change @Mitch (IFRIT) uh thanks for some good times
  6. Me and Tommy > u 2
  7. you got played @Buck
  8. My menu is also undetected good menu, and it's more for money drops, testing cars, etc. I do understand the fuck around part but I kinda get bored of constant trolling every now and then so its a nice change
  9. Menu is a s s or at least it is in my opinion
  10. Yikes Cameleon
  11. Awaiting the Final Grotty Gang patiently it will be your final masterpiece
  12. Hi Welcome to Asylum, please check out our best feature Cartel Fighting! It is always fun in a good fight, besides that enjoy your stay!
  13. I liked the part where you shot people the most, nice tage btw
  14. @Tyler :D hey you and nothing made a special feature in this one you idiots got two pieced <3 nice tage man