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  1. Ign:Curley Steam name(link): Curley Age: 19 Hours: 2000+ How active will you be: not Previous Gangs: AA, rats  Any members that can vouch: Curley Any particular reason you want to become an honorary asshole? I heard free coffee was served here Tell me a joke: Flare  Attempt to describe yourself. no
  2. Meeting has been delayed due to jph being an asshole and thinking everyone ran off his own time zone.
  3. @ItsLacie gotta get some better rims for that https://gyazo.com/00da171232848e46305f2f7a6a66a99a
  4. @ItsLacie for advertising that she made cookies and NOT FUCKIN SHARING
  5. In Game Name: Curley Age: 17 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Constable Have you been banned on Asylum?: no Any previous Gangs: mongols, delta psi, Aphelion, number of other small gangs
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