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  1. destiny 2 is shit
  2. are you actually getting deported? and if you are, why?
  3. *cheers* OwO what's this?
  4. what is ESA
  5. 10/10 definitely say @Padrinos
  6. if by roach cartels you mean sit outside fucking drug cartel for 2+ hours waiting for someone to take it then yes
  7. i actually really like the song not gonna lie @Roicesb
  8. is your belief so fragile that when i post a meme you have to reply to everything i say insulting me
  9. who even are you like not even trying to be toxic, but why do you want my attention so bad
  10. what's he doin? his best
  11. are you ok everytime i post you reply
  12. I don't care about the server performance, or that they closed down two and sometimes three, I just care that they no longer have #2, and instead of renaming 4 to 2, or renaming 3 to 2 and 4 to 3, they just deleting #2 and only have 1, 3 and 4.
  13. are you trying to be edgy?
  14. gods not real