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  1. sounds like @Googleâ„¢
  2. my biggest issue is that I buy an mk1 for 15k and cops take it away even if I roleplay the shit out of it and when I kidnap a cop and they don't roleplay AT ALL, I still can't take their 3k gun because "I DONT HAVE TO"
  3. u cant raid his house durga @Durga
  4. Just release identitys first module and I'm ok with the server staying shitty
  5. Most overrated rappers: @Roicesb
  6. yes that was what i was implying
  7. i do a lot of things solo
  8. smh sir take a lesson from the CONSTITUTION we the people. i pay taxes I AM YOUR BOSS
  9. uhhhhh wasn't an ace GTFO off the forums you trashmonkey rat inbred fuck
  10. I'm 100 percent what you said happened didn't happen but even if did you ran into a rare specimen. Although, don't talk shit to like a good third of the apd cuz expect a full ticket then.
  11. agreed we need to take the retards like @Sandwich @Flameless and @literally every higherup off the force
  12. what is ur signature i dont get it young man
  13. that is what what game theory does