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  1. @Bandit
  2. might have to come back
  3. 500 into tmobile trust me
  4. its cuz everyone fucking hates witzy
  5. i made you
  6. bamf isn't a dev for Identity
  7. see but what you omitted was this when you consider that it is associated with social and cultural differences, not biological ones, it starts to get different. i agree homosexuality isn't a gender but that doesn't mean there only has to be two
  8. no there is two sexes, male and female gender is a social construct
  9. ur back looks like a dorito
  10. eminems not awful just everyone says he is the best rapper of all time
  11. hopsin and eminem are both overrated.
  12. hey its ok to be gay : ' )
  13. i hate when people say turkey day it makes me really mad actually