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  1. okay, now this is epic
  2. nothing hits me harder than 9/11 videos my sincere condolences to anyone affected by this tragedy
  3. @bamf give me credit for skill tree name
  4. why are you already retired didn't you just get admin
  5. reee cops need rpgs
  6. gnashes left the asylum discord?
  7. holy shit this is my new favorite song
  8. there's a reason he's spederino
  9. o7 big man
  10. not saying you're wrong but one way to think about that is that that's how things get better - people complain, devs fix
  11. i might be biased in saying this as a long time ravens fan but with the rookies they've picked up this season cough lamar jackson i definitely think they have a good chance of making it
  12. i was pleasantly surprised when i listened to this album
  13. F
  14. i literally just saw this in stormwind lmao
  15. realm of the mad god its browser based and it runs on literally anything as long as your wifi isn't 20% starch it feels like a real mmorpg without the time commitment and about 1/4 the grinding