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  1. im gonna like as many of your posts as i can in the next week
  2. ill buy your virginity for 400 a unit
  3. because you're fucking stupid or you want attention
  4. no not really but why would you say it is if it isn't
  5. how is this a kavala square house
  6. can you carry me to plat pls im a lowly silver
  7. goodbye you and your TASTY montages will be missed
  8. ok damn dude chill we get it your penis is small
  9. idk you or anything so im not trying to roast you but HONESTLY this is for attention whether you mean it or not i like attention too so its ok but if you were leaving you could prolly just message your friends or something and stop playing i mean like 1000 people tops play asylum and only 5-10 people really care that you're leaving again not a roast dont @ me
  10. Tbh I feel you I don’t understand why cops are such hardasses about dropping their 5k mx and their free clothes and hat. I always drop my gear when I’m kidnapped it’s just polite