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  1. 1+ Hopefully the Clothing they are adding for it isn't gonna be only available with Crates/Crate Keys and you can just buy them from the Clothing store
  2. 0:43 Gets Revived just to get killed again Good Montage tho
  3. Nice Montage @Eric916 1+
  4. First time Hearing about it. Hope my 70 6.5 Caseless Mags are still in my Crate When i get home D:
  5. +1
  6. +1
  7. I actually need a good Video Editor as well ill try the ones that were Suggested on this Post Later
  8. I''d Be down hopefully it will be Single and not duo or Squad Play
  9. lol love how the Medic's look now but can they stop Planting Cocaine and weed on me when im being processed at PD
  10. Trying to buy a house on S2 Athira? Good Luck Buddy My advice? just wait until someone's house goes back on the market from being Inactive or when they get banned