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  1. fcuk you
  2. im top 3k in global u fetty wap
  3. na but srsly im plat 3, soloq 50% play with full squad 50% u know what i mean? i soloq xd
  4. i swear
  5. i am copper 2 but i was copper 1
  6. Dont hate on meh ok?
  7. im quitting/not gonna be Active, im only getting on to sui vest Kavala rn, so bye . No but srsly, its been a nice time, i want to say bye to all the nice people ive met, all the nice gangs ive been in (-.-) and yeah, i might comeback whenever i feel like playing arma, bye
  8. Dumbasso 500k i need to stack up my house on sui vests
  9. err ss
  10. its the editing lol, i get good frames but sony's rendering fucks Everything up
  11. kys u fucking monk these clips are all from 1 day its a minitage since i aint spending 20hrs to edit shitty clips u fucking faggot ill do a main tage later with only aces and clutches u fucking monkey hang yourself
  12. Fuck off
  13. you are very bad
  14. t North bridge isnt a gang