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  1. I just picked this game up, (on sale for 60%) never played it before and am a little late onto the bandwagon as it's been released for 2 years now. However I've had a lot of fun with it so far, something fun about jumping from rooftop to rooftop in a city infested with zombies and other fucked up things I wouldn't want to spoil for you, Game seems to have a decent storyline, but I think the big ticket is that it's a little like assassins creed mixed with the combat styles from dead island. If you decide to buy the game through the sale go for the "enhanced edition" It has a DLC in it and some other packs that add to the game and is actually more cheap than the game itself alone.
  2. C o c a i n e
  3. Could have also taken some kind of drug in game that enhances speed as well.
  4. Fucking barnes
  5. 70,001
  6. Don't be a stranger buddy, doors always open
  7. I think this is great. +1 from me. Most medics tend to be trolly and help out enemy gangs or abuse the position. I think this would help deter some of those issues we all have had with medics during gameplay,.
  8. Today on Asylum 2 I met constable Valaziel, he was super nice, understanding and good at roleplay. always look forward to seeing him around. Very helpful with newer players, great guy and an even better cop!