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  1. You stole my hand clap thing @Brendon Smith
  2. Dank as fuck papa
  3. No it's okay
  4. My hand still hurts.
  5. 3 minutes till restart, plus I'm not a scumbag
  6. I asked why she paid her HVT ticket, she replied "Do you know how much money I have?"
  7. Welcome to the community and thanks for you service .
  8. I'll hop in on that
  9. That's classified
  10. Easy, you decide to get donations for a game and then not release it
  11. "I got tired trying to find forums names" -GreenDemon 2017
  12. It's been great here at Asylum, I've had a lot of good times playing with those who trained me and make it a great place to be at. I've been pretty busy with the military gearing up for deployment, and been trying out new games and places to hang around. Thought I would make a little post to thank those who made it such a great place to stay around. I'll never forget spike-stripping cars or hopping on civ and stealing my p3 lt's striders. It was always a personal goal of mine to fuck with those I loved and have a blast with them. @Akeelagi @Slade Wilson @Jake @Kevin Miller @Vescio (johnny you're shit at pubg) Thanks for making p3 a great place to be at and thank you for the opportunity at Sgt. I'll still be around to go and chop your striders and ruin your fun on cop. @Kernikov @BlackBlade @Austin Rogers The Original @Meow Meow @Xavorey @DS_Billy @ItsLacie it was dope being sgt's with you lot, always fun fucking around in the drug fields and causing a ruckus on p3 in it's glory days, maybe one day I'll be back to pitch in of the fun as well and mess around with you all @DarkKnight I'm still going to be the first one to find your ghosthawk and fly off into the sunset with it, don't feel like you're off the hook just yet. @Dressbuck Your moves will always be weaker than your scrawny little arms @Markymark You will always be my favorite shitty training officer @BlackShot I'll still be around to shoot out your tires and chop your hunters @Googleā„¢ I don't know what you really did or why you are the way that you are but thank you. @Mr. Brown It was a blast getting drunk as fuck with you and playing WoW or whatever else, we'll still get around to that though. @Lucky You will be the best sgt APD will never see @Sandwich Will miss making fun of you and your fade haircuts, good luck with streaming and with youtube. @Bread you will get my sgt slot i promise my son @Agent cucky your name is stupid on the forums and you should feel bad about it, but i wish you the best with your career and hope you go further with the APD. Take it easy little guy To all of those I didn't mention I got tired trying to find forums names, take it easy gentlemen,