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  1. GreenDemon

    How Asylum changed a person's real life

    Love ya' big man.
  2. GreenDemon


    Can you steal my IP, thanks
  3. GreenDemon

    wtf was that dude

  4. GreenDemon

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Canadian Army Signals Corps, posted to Infantry Battalion. https://gyazo.com/9e1b1feef84af7d9fc6d684f1a4ba086
  5. GreenDemon

    Lil Peep New Album

    0 toxicity please, this community is founded on Love
  6. GreenDemon

    Lil Peep New Album

    200 IQ play
  7. GreenDemon

    Lil Peep New Album

    For anyone that cares Lil Peep's new album dropped a few hours ago, not too bad IMO. Got a couple good songs on it for sure.
  8. GreenDemon

    Militarization in the Paramedic Faction

    You are a smart man, you must become the leader of medic faction
  9. GreenDemon

    Curb Your Guidebook

    Careful man, he's going to get his insane fan-base on YouTube and Twitch on you!
  10. GreenDemon

    How to spend 800k

    ArmA3 on a Macbook looks pretty sick @Innateocean
  11. GreenDemon

    Kill off Server 3 already...

    +1 Not fun/ fair to be white listed on a server that isn't up all the time.
  12. GreenDemon

    200IQ cop play

    Didn't know Albert Einstein played this game.
  13. GreenDemon


  14. GreenDemon

    Convoy Event v2

    I am Uber Driver
  15. GreenDemon

    Server Rule Change

    It was fun being a keyboard warrior to you, didn't really fuck with you much but I do remember you turned me and some friends prowlers pink once if we didn't send you to jail. You soft logged cause you were bug and came back. You're a good dude Mitch, thanks for staying so long.