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  1. I am Uber Driver
  2. It was fun being a keyboard warrior to you, didn't really fuck with you much but I do remember you turned me and some friends prowlers pink once if we didn't send you to jail. You soft logged cause you were bug and came back. You're a good dude Mitch, thanks for staying so long.
  3. Nice Video Genery harnold
  4. ya dad
  5. Hey me too! Let's grab a 24 pack some time.
  6. How many points is that? @Gen. Henry Arnold
  7. Not instantly, the blast would probably take out a few immediately, shrapnel would leave the rest combat ineffective needing immediate medical support. Grenades fuck you up my man
  8. 1 Grenade and everyone's dead, curb your battle spacing.
  9. Gonna miss having you on the precinct my man, good luck with bigger better things!
  10. Best wide quarterback ever
  11. Tiger woods is my favorite Running-backer of all time!
  12. noob
  13. Blatant RDM