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  1. That's classified
  2. Easy, you decide to get donations for a game and then not release it
  3. "I got tired trying to find forums names" -GreenDemon 2017
  4. It's been great here at Asylum, I've had a lot of good times playing with those who trained me and make it a great place to be at. I've been pretty busy with the military gearing up for deployment, and been trying out new games and places to hang around. Thought I would make a little post to thank those who made it such a great place to stay around. I'll never forget spike-stripping cars or hopping on civ and stealing my p3 lt's striders. It was always a personal goal of mine to fuck with those I loved and have a blast with them. @Akeelagi @Slade Wilson @Jake @Kevin Miller @Vescio (johnny you're shit at pubg) Thanks for making p3 a great place to be at and thank you for the opportunity at Sgt. I'll still be around to go and chop your striders and ruin your fun on cop. @Kernikov @BlackBlade @Austin Rogers The Original @Meow Meow @Xavorey @DS_Billy @ItsLacie it was dope being sgt's with you lot, always fun fucking around in the drug fields and causing a ruckus on p3 in it's glory days, maybe one day I'll be back to pitch in of the fun as well and mess around with you all @DarkKnight I'm still going to be the first one to find your ghosthawk and fly off into the sunset with it, don't feel like you're off the hook just yet. @Dressbuck Your moves will always be weaker than your scrawny little arms @Markymark You will always be my favorite shitty training officer @BlackShot I'll still be around to shoot out your tires and chop your hunters @Google™ I don't know what you really did or why you are the way that you are but thank you. @Mr. Brown It was a blast getting drunk as fuck with you and playing WoW or whatever else, we'll still get around to that though. @Lucky You will be the best sgt APD will never see @Sandwich Will miss making fun of you and your fade haircuts, good luck with streaming and with youtube. @Bread you will get my sgt slot i promise my son @Agent cucky your name is stupid on the forums and you should feel bad about it, but i wish you the best with your career and hope you go further with the APD. Take it easy little guy To all of those I didn't mention I got tired trying to find forums names, take it easy gentlemen,
  5. I just picked this game up, (on sale for 60%) never played it before and am a little late onto the bandwagon as it's been released for 2 years now. However I've had a lot of fun with it so far, something fun about jumping from rooftop to rooftop in a city infested with zombies and other fucked up things I wouldn't want to spoil for you, Game seems to have a decent storyline, but I think the big ticket is that it's a little like assassins creed mixed with the combat styles from dead island. If you decide to buy the game through the sale go for the "enhanced edition" It has a DLC in it and some other packs that add to the game and is actually more cheap than the game itself alone.
  6. C o c a i n e
  7. Could have also taken some kind of drug in game that enhances speed as well.
  8. Fucking barnes
  9. 70,001
  10. I think this is great. +1 from me. Most medics tend to be trolly and help out enemy gangs or abuse the position. I think this would help deter some of those issues we all have had with medics during gameplay,.
  11. Today on Asylum 2 I met constable Valaziel, he was super nice, understanding and good at roleplay. always look forward to seeing him around. Very helpful with newer players, great guy and an even better cop!