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  1. Canadian Army Signals Corps, posted to Infantry Battalion. https://gyazo.com/9e1b1feef84af7d9fc6d684f1a4ba086
  2. 0 toxicity please, this community is founded on Love
  3. For anyone that cares Lil Peep's new album dropped a few hours ago, not too bad IMO. Got a couple good songs on it for sure.
  4. You are a smart man, you must become the leader of medic faction
  5. Careful man, he's going to get his insane fan-base on YouTube and Twitch on you!
  6. ArmA3 on a Macbook looks pretty sick @Innateocean
  7. +1 Not fun/ fair to be white listed on a server that isn't up all the time.
  8. Didn't know Albert Einstein played this game.
  9. It was fun being a keyboard warrior to you, didn't really fuck with you much but I do remember you turned me and some friends prowlers pink once if we didn't send you to jail. You soft logged cause you were bug and came back. You're a good dude Mitch, thanks for staying so long.
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