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  1. cya

    Your aslyum career is donezozd
  2. Facts big man
  3. @Gnashes @bamf
  4. I think I giggled
  5. Ahh is this why the server is called Aslyum cause they hold crazy people like you here?
  6. bruh get off your knees
  7. " it will never happen "
  8. Brooo this if your fucking problem, you're afraid to fail so you do try anything new.
  9. You must have a really deep throat because somehow you got chief your. You get off when people get on your knee and when you hear the truth you run from it because you're too fucking lazy to do anything about it. NEWS FLASH it's your job.
  10. em·pha·sis ˈemfəsəs/ noun special importance, value, or prominence given to something. "they placed great emphasis on the individual's freedom" synonyms: prominence, importance, significance, value; More stress laid on a word or words to indicate special meaning or particular importance. synonyms: stress, accent, accentuation, weight, prominence; More vigor or intensity of expression.
  11. You're repeating your self there Clint, run out of things to say??
  12. Recently there has been a recurring problem with the apd. The problem is that there are too many officers online at one time. Once you kill the officer they either get more from different servers or they will keep coming back till they get you. So I have a pretty good solution to try to counter this. Maybe if they put a 10 man apd cap and a rule stating that they can not come into an illegal zone after it just got check even if you know if someone is in there. They should have to wait the whole 20 mins to come back. The apd somehow found a way around all this and once they die they come back because they know someone is in there which they are allowed to do according to dk. Also with an undercover officer, there should be a 10 min cooldown per illegal zone, and they shouldn't be able to request back up in illegal zones.
  13. sorry you accepted a bunch of shitters not my problem and shouldn't be anyone's problem
  14. yea for corporal, the third rank up... your point is? like legit the apd is flawed and way to many officers so many close the applications, for now, cause its impossible to do anything, and my buds and I whipped the whole apd 3 times and still come back and it's sad you cant fix something you're the head of it.
  15. fixed....