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  1. steroids are tough man.
  2. he's too busy in community college
  3. Lil triggered? Lol “You obviously don’t know me, Hi. If you ever talk to me or another Admin like that again, not only will you receive points on your APD application, but you will be blacklisted from comp indefinitely. Good day. “
  4. The one who you almost blacklisted from comp request. AGAIN sorry for not asking what your pronouns were.
  5. fuckin mr. Beast
  6. oh you mean whaled
  7. Wuz gud homies I'm back, I took some time off and I'm back. Can't leave asylum for too long. ~ williamisa, lil tay (and no im not toxic anymore)
  8. Umm hi this is Jeff Bezos regarding your pull down order...
  9. Well according to @Clint Beastwood I can't read anyways so I probably shouldn't even try to read it.
  10. your welcome for support team weeb
  11. good idea speed the clip up so the pull-ups aren't noticeable
  12. dog shit *cough* *cough*
  13. fucking clickbait
  14. Unfortunate
  15. I’m confused why there is not dislike button but anyways please stop it’s just cancer