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  1. cheecake with a chocolate cake ?
  2. There is no dad that you do not intend to happen ?
  3. Or Gnashes is gonna tell you : "Nah fam, We're good"
  4. Posted September 26 1 Month and a half no major update... welp.
  5. Snoreith#1255 if you want
  6. 0:30 Target Locked.
  7. APD hands up or di............................APD Hands up or be downed!
  8. You went that Far kneepading Follows. I dont believe it....
  9. Admin they do whatever so.
  10. Good bye then you will not be missed.
  11. Our "devs" arent skilled enough. they still need Father's approval. Gnashes dont have time ("Wont happen bullshit") while Bamf.. Where the F*** he is.. problably under the desk crying for his mistake being a dev? P.S Also Gnashes is a cunt so nothing will happen..
  12. @Gnashes : No mods will be on our servers. Stop complaining the servers are good for what they are atm. Gnashes fucking cunt.