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  1. ye man, i agree Can´t wait to vdm hobos in a bike and then roll away from the police
  2. @ron the player says that ur accepted
  3. Ronhe S1 Gang focused on capping cartels and vandalising the island of altis! Ron is our leader and hero, and you must always follow his orders! Application What's your in-game name? How many hours do you have on Arma? What's your age? How much money do you have? What will you bring to Ronhe? Do you know anyone in Ronhe? Requirements  Must be over the age of 10 Financially stable Active Must have discord Must know your way around Kavala 500+ Hours !!!EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE!!! Gang Leader @ron the player
  4. Finally nice to see the goverment take action against the jews!
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