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  1. How about lego batman? huh, that game was one of the best at its peak
  2. Free Game!!!!
  3. Is this true?
  4. Thanks Kille, Very Cool!
  5. Lol
  6. yeah, but the game is really good in generall
  7. Fuck Micah
  8. Dude just stfu, the only reason ppl know who u are is becouse if ur autistic behavior
  9. i belive that u posted in the wrong forum, sir
  10. Didnt know it has been 3 yrs since september 21 already, feels like that was less than 2 months ago
  11. 3 years u say?
  12. u know his mom i a dude right?
  13. Go commit train track picnic
  14. Well rip me, seems like im gonna get as hated on as terry
  15. thank you for ur support against @terry!