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  1. Releasing the game on steam this early on is gonna cause it to get torn to shreds in the steam reviews lol
  2. lol
  3. Will come on by and help out!
  4. I play on Emerald Dream, Alliance. Feel free to hit me up to play. Btag Eragoon78#1852
  5. Please see
  6. WoW

    First character to 110 is gonna suck unless you get invested into the story. My advice is if you cant get into the story get the latest DLC and unlock your free 110. Then use them to make some gold (or buy some with a $20 token, one token will get you waaaay more then you need) and purchase an heirloom gear set. The heirloom gear set will level with you and each piece provides an XP bonus. Also if you want someone to play with HMU. I got 10 110's FML.
  7. Switch your arma 3 to 32 bit, seems to be a consistent fix with many people. Guide showing you how:
  8. Congratulation @Clockwerk!
  9. Old meme, still good meme.
  10. Welcome.
  11. RP it as "take your kid to work day" xD