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  1. sorry, I sold it
  2. you needed someone to point out the fact you need an ifrit crutch or you get a little nervous on a push
  3. Well you need as much help as I can give you so when I feel you need to know something I make a comment
  4. I moved away from Flint 22 years ago and the water was not bad then but you would not know this because you were not born yet
  5. here's the thing though, it's not a joke.....TRUTH !!
  6. If only your approval really meant something to me but in reality your just a punk kid who gets bullied away from his keyboard and tries to be a fake tough guy online
  7. No, but I can teach you how not to get bullied and be scared away from your keyboard
  8. Some truth to your statement, I have actually had guys who blatantly broke the rules brag to me in game, don't waste your time making a report I have friends and nothing will happen and I make the report anyway and then 3 days later no action is taken and I get some lame excuse
  9. I have filed reports and it is a slam dunk case of RDM or VDM or Combat storing and the report will say action taken and I log on and the very same guy is playing and I message him and they say oh I talked my way out of it or some admins don't look at the logs and just brush the report off with no action taken, about the only reports I have filed that always have action taken are the reports on racism
  10. would the video get your approval if they were going let's say 10 km/hr LMAO man you kids will never get it, doesn't matter how fast they are going or armed, naked, in a chopper, with a gun, without a gun or whatever, a kill is a kill and the game gives you nothing extra for any other kind of a kill.
  11. Well there is a backstory to those guys in the quilin that you don't know about but yeah I had a good laugh and I always have a stroke while playing asylum
  12. yeah he likes to use them
  13. the guy who made the video already has JSRS but thanks anyway
  14. I will tell you why there is so much hate because many of the guys commenting have a lot of pent-up sexual frustrations inside and need to get laid
  15. don't be jealous