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  1. Any videos on Leroy spending money, I hear that is more rare.
  2. Bro, enjoy your week off man, screw the people who are screaming at you to get something done when you do it for free lol.
  3. The worst case scenario is you lose like 10-15k in a loadout, its not the end of the world, but even spawning out of the redzone would be somewhat more beneficial.
  4. I actually am some what aware of this, but when you click trial by jury in jail does it proc the Asylum wide PlayerWhatever Vs. Altis go to a courthouse, or is there another layer to it?
  5. Sorry for not adding a TL:DR, but this basically sums it up. I didnt add one for a reason, because I'd rather people read the whole argument instead of just reading two words and getting triggered.
  6. When discussing positive changes we can do with Asylum I think a focal point or at least a consideration should be towards the prison system. I think dividing this into sections is the best approach, because some may not be possible or not needed. This is all my opinion, and I think a positive discourse with this matter is warranted because everyone who has played Asylum for any good length of time has encountered or has been annoyed at how the prison system is designed. Change #1, reduce prison sentencing. I, for the life of me, do not understand who thought a 44min prison sentence was a great idea to help build immersion. Waiting over 40 minutes to just play the game is an idiotic and callous design choice and brings nothing but frustration and people who will just AFK for the duration and not engaged in the world. I understand the expression "if you cant do the time dont do the crime," but this is not real life, this is a video game that people may only have a certain amount of time to actually play and since there is literally nothing to do but stand or runaway the prison I think a massive reduction is needed. Change #2, bring parole back. If prison reduction is not an option I think the parole system was a great idea to keep players playing the game and was a really cool feature that provided a "realistic" and immersive atmosphere. Assuming the parole system was not taken out for technical reason, I think this is a great design to stop players waiting inside an empty prison for 40 minutes. Change #3, change the spawn point where you are released from prison. I believe this might be the most contentious position so bare with me. The prison can be an active firefight, when a released prisoner is running around, in a red-zone, he might as well have a huge target on his head that says kill me please. Maybe spawn the player closer to the garage, or even spawn the player at a major city to alleviate them getting blasted the second they leave prison when they just waited 40 minutes. Change #4, fix laser tag and/or add more engaging content within the prison. I know, no one plays laser tag. BUT when you are in prison with nothing better to do it can be engaging content that helps pass time. Change #5, if a crime is over 50k trial by jury should be mandatory, this one is for more immersive purposes and would be a neat feature, but the cop/bounty hunter, if they send them to jail, should get the money; however, once in jail trial by jury should always be an option. I am not 100% aware of how the trial by jury system works, it seems to be a lottery system where some players get it and others dont, which is a dumb design and should be based off of crimes committed. Change #5 1/2, I think a really cool design feature, that I know will annoy the piss out of cops but is realistic, is to force cops to attend the trial by jury proceedings and defend his reasoning's as to why the convict was sentenced to jail. This could possibly reduce the cop just sending people straight to jail, but I know that this most definitely a far-fetched idea that will never be implemented I just personally think it would be really interesting. I know the Asylum staff is better at this than they are showing us, from my knowledge they are going to change the press plates to reduce prison time and not reduce the amount of money your bail will be, my only rebuttal to this is just reduce the prison time overall than...Some of the proposed changes might be out of reach, but above all prison time should be reduced across the board, and parole should be introduced back into the game. I hope you enjoyed reading this long rant about how much I hate the Asylum prison system. I have literally stopped playing the game for days after being sentenced to prison for 30 or more minutes. Again, this is all my opinion, go ahead and discuss and attack my arguments which I hope will at least bring a net positive to the game.
  7. Sorry I killed some of your feeble brain cells for giving an opinion. 1) what restrictions, losing HVT? 2) What is the point of cops anyways? They dont effectively roleplay, they are money hungry, and I have seen days where half the server is cops so I dont agree with your statement whatsoever. Moreover, you seem to be so eager to give cops buffs (how will this be any fun for everyone else), I think you should propose that every cop gets a Navid, because we wouldn't want any of them to leave since they have been so badly nerfed. 3) 1v1 me bro. 4) Nerf the cops. Do you still have any brain cells left?
  8. That's why this is in suggestions portion of the forums.. Well if the guy refuses the ticket you'll lose 50% of your "max-payout." Honestly, I dont know if what I stated would be the "best" what I do know is that the cop will have to try and role-play so the guy accepts a ticket instead of sending him to jail. Idk if its the best solution, but the point of cops is for role-play and "protection" it makes the game fun for civs when cops at least have some ambiance of a good role-player.
  9. I would question that no active Captains right now have done that, but I cannot confirm I have just seen it happen before. I dont know if it would make them robocop more, I would assume they would at least give the assailant an ample amount of time to roleplay and then determine their story after they finish. Cops like to give the full ticket, because its a win-win, if the guy refuses he gets sent to jail or the guy pays the full; regardless, the cop makes as much money. And you are absolutely correct the roleplay in Asylum is terrible and I dont point to the constable I point to the LT and Captain that allow this crap to continue.
  10. Yes it is...Get out of Kavala and maybe you'll see more of the bullshitery
  11. Because I like seeing four servers with 70 people on each. And what specifically is a lie? Gotta love statements like yours that just try to attack a position by giving generalizations that give the commentator an open slate on every position because its so generic. Whats a lie? What dont you like about anything i said? Do you think it wont help Asylum? Or do you just wanna say annoying comments that help nobody and have no depth?
  12. Many rebels and even bounty hunters have noticed a lack luster in "fun" (Very subjective by my opinion). One thing that has really bothered me is what is the point of cops? Like seriously? I think the role-play potential and overall increase to the general experience of players is vast and comprehensive, but any time I have an encounter with a cop the role-play is horrendous and all they look forward to is the paycheck. You have cops who take their role as either a deity in the server or a scoundrel trying to get a quick buck. So how can we fix this? Nerfs! Just like you nerfed the RPG and increased its prices, and nerfed the bank, nerfed the prices of loadouts (increases could be due to taxes always being 20% too). The nerfs could be as follows; sending someone to jail reduces the payout by 50%, this would be an incentive to actually roleplay and give out tickets instead of sending people to jail; moreover, the straight to jail charges like prison conspiring are insanely idiotic and bring nothing to the game but annoyance to players trying to have fun. Next, a reduction in prison time, why in the hell would anyone want to play asylum when they might go to jail for 45 mins and do absolutely nothing while playing your server? Role-playing is fun but 45 mins gets me out of the mood. Moreover, cops having quicker revives, no timers for revs, and higher-ups equipping constables with 7.62 is freaking outrageous. My loadout costs 30,000 their loadouts are free (for the most part) why is it okay to give every constable a 7.62 when usually they have more numbers then the rebels? I am not writing this cause I am salty I am writing this because a lot of players feel this way and find it absolutely ridiculous that every patch benefits cops and tarnishes the fun for everyone else. And thanks for the shitty rebel update that is just a grind fest and does nothing to benefit the game, you want more players make it fun and stop making changes for the loudest people. The 99% have spoken. TLDR: Nerf cops -Reduce cop payout for sending to jail by 50% -Reduce prison time substantially 15 mins MAX -Get rid of medics on cop -No cop under the rank of Captain should be equipped with a 7.62.
  13. It only costs like 100 bucks to buy them...soo who cares?
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