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    hello I am sealooter I play in video games. please talk to me my i respond everyday but not always sometimes i do everyday but other times i have to do other things so i dont do everyday but i do sometimes.

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  1. wow am i honored to be featured in this dead thread for a dead gang. thanks @explicit, i really appreciate it :}
  2. they have lights in cars why not in houses smh
  3. i say MXM's at BMP and MX's at firearms.
  4. very nice edit. i would also like to add one of @Mason's epic hot drops. one day i hope to achieve his level of combat landing.
  5. what was the purpose of keeping kavala black market henry? :{
  6. i +1 this. the one at kavala is useless plus it makes sense to have them in both areas since the lakka one can run mk's, and the new one can run katibas. or at least make them have a rotation. also why nerf rpg's but not lower the prices at all? why would someone waste 50k to disable an ifrit or hunter
  7. im a big advocate for gun running, and i like the new location. though, with the no atm thing and the added cartel cut i feel like im being screwed. now you need cartel AND pan to maximize profits, and we still cant use infamy perks when crafting? feels like quite the nerf to me, again :{ @Gen. Henry Arnoldwhy? :{{{{
  8. im just waiting for the navid
  9. it was the last few shots i assume. i was so shocked from seeing a ghost i couldnt even control my own recoil!
  10. sir im going to have to charge you with 7000 counts of speeding
  11. we were wondering why the cartel was contested- it turned out there was a sneaky clint trying to escape...
  12. stop teasing and post it already :{
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