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  1. 1++++++++ I remember i made alot of money from performing on that stage.
  2. I hope this is a joke.
  3. So you think 1 new federal event is gonna revive Asylum?
  4. O h no
  5. Ofc im not
  6. Get some people and tell me when the roster is set up <3 Ill install arma like 5 days before gang wars and we'll practice (Btw page ill speak <3)
  7. @TopManPage @BioHazard We doing this or nhaa? Ill install arma again
  8. Legendary?
  9. Are you proud of putting a lot of money into gaming equipment? Im not saying there is anything wrong with doing it but its definetly nothing to be proud of lol.
  10. Are u trying to roast me with calling me poor? What kind of insult is that lol. First of all it was not my computer it was a bug with my game all i had to do was reinstall the game and now im running the game fine on ultra settings. I dont know why ur still on my dick.
  11. Oh really? I never really got to suck his dick but iv always heard roumers about it being small? Is it all just lies?
  12. It's not gonna happen... Get over it.
  13. Because people like to suck alecs dick.
  14. +1