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  1. ^ This. Never really found it hard to shoot people out off quilins tbh..
  2. Takes 1 min max
  3. Ur a fucking legend
  4. Ok, They bought every ingredient for a special vehicle at Black market and then sold it for more money than they used to buy all the ingredients. I used to do this ages ago and i made like 10k profit each orca i sold so i could probably get 80k+ from a hemitt full of ingredients and that would probably take 15 min. "Admin Quote" If it's to good to be true its probably a bug/glitch. Them making 200-400k/H from doing this is clearly too good to be true and they knew that this was a bug.
  5. I used to do this with orcas a long time ago and i never got banned
  6. Rip 500k
  7. So this is the montage ur bragging about??? Full of single kills. Ur fucking horrible jesus
  8. You should def come back and give it a try. Fights every day for a few hours.
  9. How much we talking?