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  1. .Casper


    May i join and have a sexual relationship with @Proud? Or is he already in another relationship?
  2. INSANE!!!!!! we need to play apex some time b.
  3. I was not putting it through the wall you fucking retard my whole head and gun is on the outside. If you think ur right report me and watch it get denied.
  4. Not bannable to stand like that you dumb fuck.
  5. Are you autistic or something? Are you not able to read that i cant find any fights? Like.
  6. "Not done" I was gonna remove those clips and put in 3-4 pieces if i got them, but im not able to get any fights so why even try?
  7. OMG I LOVE YOU <333
  8. I know the music is wack just like the clips. Too lazy to even try and get some good clips since i cant find fights on the server. @P A G E
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