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  1. We lost. Get over it. They were most likely not streamsniping.
  2. Lmao, I always get pissed when i get fucked by cops. Cant stand them.
  3. Im down
  4. Thats not what a robocop is u retard. Jesus
  5. I know the rules on it retard. It says your not allowed to robocop some1, but you can still do it as long as you follow the rules. Just give them a tiny bit of rp and ur good.
  6. thats what i mean... Just rp a little bit and follow all of the rules and ur good. In fact when i was a cadet (will always be) a Constables tried to teach me how to robocop people... its funny af though, they tell you to give some1 with a 120k bounty a 50k ticket when they had good rp and turned them self in and then u just give them a 1 dollar ticket and the constable starts telling you that your gonna get in trouble for giving some1 a such low ticket lol.
  7. Because u cant blacklist some1 if they robocop u idiot. As long as they follow the rules they are safe. Stop thinking that its that easy to change the apd. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
  8. Would like to see u change the apd. Dont tell him that he did not try enough you dont even know what he did. If its that easy go ahead and change the apd. Gl the servers are probably gonna be shut down before the apd will change.
  9. Seems like you should lower you sensitivity. Good flying btw! U smacked those rebels!
  10. Tip: Press C twice! Good first montage anyway!
  12. Wait.. what
  13. I see, I am just to used to it so thats the first thing i do when i pull out my gun
  14. Yeah, But whenever some1 pops up infront of you, you dont have to tap once to pull up the gun you can go straight to the shooting.
  15. Tip: Press C twice. Good first montage!