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  1. Kavala rook bangers are becoming deadly! Soon we will see Kavala rook bangers at cartels wiping big gangs!
  2. Bitch, If i dont see ur ass on Olympus or arma in the next couple days i will have to come home to you and smack u! (If u dont have work and shit ofc)
  3. I have not gotten a pm yet.
  4. Age: 23 Owned trucks: Every kind. Able to be active: Yeah. Do you consent to a drug test? Yes?
  5. OoOoOof
  6. #feelsbadman
  7. Make this gang on Olympus and ill play. I did not find Asylum that fun
  8. Stop posting these vids pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Hahah Im blacklisted anyways so idc what i say lol. I probably bought like 200+ mxes and put it in my civ houses in the 3 days i was a constable lmao.
  10. Ahh dont worry, Thats the first thing i did when i got my constable rank aswell!
  11. Blacklist inbound!!!