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  1. you guys need new skin designers
  2. That Daddy's Darlings gang jesus... jacopeng
  3. what’s up with this vittu perkele double killing kids in ifrits
  4. tfw people give your server another chance and you fuck it up yet again omegalul
  5. Jesus christ man... these prime kids can't even beat olympus cops
  6. Jimmy Jarvis


    Yea you're right I've never got the opportunity to experience being low tier
  7. Jimmy Jarvis


    Kicked periodically cause I pissed McGregor off, yea tears in my ears I swear you were never in a good gang
  8. Jimmy Jarvis


    What the fuck are you on about hahaha
  9. Jimmy Jarvis


    Wait who asked you again? I'm confused...
  10. Jimmy Jarvis


    Sorry I forgot that I asked you to explain
  11. Jimmy Jarvis


    Sorry, this is coming from the guy that came back after 5 months and was wiping then took 2 weeks off and plays like a jeep guild member? please
  12. you're an idiot get something better to do with your time. We haven't asked you before and we won't ever in the future idk why your forcing moderation on threads that don't need it
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