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    If recruiting a friend is still around you could do that, or you could boost to 110 for money, best way is to just level trough when its ur first time playing so you get to learn how the game works as youre leveling up. Other than that theres pretty much not any way to speed up leveling on a whole new account. For me leveling up for the first time was a great experience. Boosting your character to 110 without knowing anything about the game would probably be really hard, because you wont know where to start and the game doesn't do a great job telling you what to do or where to start.
  2. Ill give you 100k for it.
  3. It would be stupid to give them out for free when they already have a bunch of skins that you have to donate for.
  4. Damn, either way its great. Apd has a prowler now exde.
  5. Wheres the apd quilin?
  6. It would be nice if they could make it so you could make long range scopes such as DMS. and have them reasonably hard to make.
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