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  1. Dude, I’m about to find your address, call your mom, tell her to cut your Ethernet cable and to change the WiFi password and force you to go outside. You have had enough internet for a lifetime
  2. If I dropped you in boiling water, would your taste in music be better?
  3. Where did you even get 4.5 million. Chances are a hacker gave you it so now you’re trying to use it to purchase a house so that the admins will take the funds from the other person and not you. Good luck with that
  4. You mean before governor existed or back when the taxes increased the sell price of drugs?
  5. Once kidnapped a cop that wouldn’t drop his gear and when we asked him why he said “ @Durga gave me this gun and told me if I ever lost it he would kill me, I’m more afraid of him than of you “
  6. I’ve only ever dropped my gear once because the RP was fantastic. Just tell the cops you will pay them for the gear. Works sometimes
  7. Go ultimate and carry all cash on hand
  8. Or you can save your money and just not use that helmet because it’s like $1,500 each time you purchase and it doesn’t protect you from much
  9. If the MXM was ever added for bounty hunters. You should either have Apex Predator or Master Crusader filled out. Even then if you’re bored with the guns. Set challenges for yourself. Po7 only with only 1 clip and only 1 ziptie and you walk everywhere
  10. The scroll wheel always screws me over by it disappearing or when I go all the way to restrain it restarts at the top then all of a sudden I have lethals in lol
  11. Plus dealing with constant map wipes, and grinding for hours just to get raided while offline to grind and repeat
  12. Doesn’t work half the time
  13. Punishment fits the crime. I heard a rumor that if you jump into the water there’s a chance you won’t die
  14. Sandwich, i think you need to attend a "Celebration Training" hosted by @TheCrestedPenguin