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  1. Soon™ Kinda glad I stopped playing and stopped giving a shit
  2. So I keep my bounty hunter honor? Yes!!!! o7 was fun playing with you
  3. This is why you don’t use cell phones while flying
  4. Do to them what you did with @Padrinos press vest and that launcher that looks like a camera
  5. I suggest using a recording software when playing for instances like this. As you can be kidnapped for up to 10 minutes. Then you are allowed the log (might be wrong, every admin has their own opinion, like if the kidnappers are role playing with you) , after 10 minutes of zip ties, normally they automatically release you unless you are retied a few times(that’s when the 10 minutes comes in handy) , after that time, you can log out with proof of 10 minutes, or suicide. It happens in the game. Best you can do is just comply. Next time they say leave and you need your vehicle. Just walk away, that way if they shoot you. It’s RDM since you complied completely.
  6. Lol you still owe me 12.5m
  7. For those of you who have played CSGO, there were some websites where you could do coin flip against others for skins. As @Jamal just suggested. Would you be interested in joining my stream to compete in 1v1 flip coins on stream. I would create some rules of how this would all go down. If enough people were interested Edit: For those of you who also played RuneScape , I can create a dice bot for discord so you can challenge the bot in a 60x2. Meaning you roll over 60 you win twice your bet. You roll under. You lose your bet
  8. I’m fucking down
  9. Didn’t you always?
  10. S3

    Yes the best non working precinct.
  11. So many people see this as disrespecting the flag. He’s kneeling to protest police abuse. He’s not doing it because he doesn’t like what the flag represents. A member of the military told kaepernick that when they want to show respect to a fallen soldier, they kneel at their grave. everyone is going to have different opinions on the whole kneeling situation. But how is what he’s doing effecting you in any way?
  12. Was 7 years old in school, after it happened all the parents picked up their kids. My parents were stuck working so I ended up walking home. I could see it from across the Bay
  13. Both great songs, then there is Lie, I wanna know, How could you leave. Such a great artist
  14. I can’t reveal my sources
  15. I wish I still had the video of @Eli when he got LT and we crashed his briefing with flashbangs and he thought a constable did it. We threw like 15 of them