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  1. I would like it more without the deer stand, other than that +1, plus all the boats and scuba suits with SDARs
  2. Can’t wait to not play that game either
  3. Damn, nowadays everyone goes on the internet and grows a set of balls.
  4. Consider it like a huge inoperable tumor. Patch notes are the radiation. It’s try to fix the problem but it’s only putting off the inevitable.
  5. ^ he’s really 14
  6. Would like to see not every new addition to the server such as vehicle skins be added into Loot crates. I understand you guys need money to run the server but at least add some of these skins to be available through prestige unlocking. For example. The rare skins would cost about 5 mil prestige, but when you purchase the skin, you lose your prestige
  7. Might hop on server lol I’ll farm for you. Need something to do I’m bored.
  8. Anyone play quite often on a decent rust server? Remember playing with @william had some fun
  9. @Mitch (IFRIT) I need you to supply me with 150 keys, it’s for a YouTube video on the Luck of receiving certain items. I swear edit: @bamf you should see if you can increase the chance of receiving higher tier items based on someone’s donation rank
  10. They said your neck was longer than your dick and all had a huge laugh. No lie though when I saw the long neck reference. I thought of that Kevin Hart skit of him saying “Long dick” haha
  11. Shit, thought you were ugly enough before. Now you got this neck issue
  12. Completely random but here’s a secret about @Mitch (IFRIT) he gives bounty hunter honor points to “someone” just so he can use Apex and rob random people for their gear. Can you say corruption in the community?
  13. I just want something where we don’t have to purchase $200 of crates just to get 1 good item
  14. Do this in Kavala square. You won’t!