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  1. Not going to lie, possibly one of the worst ideas I’ve read on these forums
  2. Just follow them back to the gun store, search them for license, return weapons
  3. Lmao? Broke up wayyyy before any of that happened but I’ll give you credit for the attempt with the picture.
  4. Two choices. Walked the few meters or keep suiciding until you’re satisfied lol
  5. Is anyone here good at making intros for YouTube videos? About 10 seconds long?
  6. If you’re running Vermin’s, collect and process the salt first, saves time and hassle. MKs are worth crafting if you don’t need the money right away and have a house nearby with supplies already stored. Otherwise you risk being caught at cocaine field and paying tickets.
  7. Okay PM me later so we can meet later in game for transfer
  8. Will sell for 900k even with all its contents in the crates with it. Will just have to put them in vehicles first. comes with 10 MK-1s, 40 of each Meth ingredient, 40+ rubber
  9. It’s funny when people don’t get what they want
  10. Listen, if they fix the severs to be perfect, then all of you fucks will have nothing to complain about but that’s just not fun, I enjoy reading you all complain and get told no
  11. Oh hell yeah!!! Lol still can’t believe that happened.
  12. yes yes i do
  13. you were saying? @Azeh @Eric916
  14. Alright. I’ll be home soon. I’ll pm you when. If no one outbids you by then
  15. That’s right you better back down