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  1. +1 Id also like to see a change to the APB. when an APB is issued, it should alert all Bounty Hunters as well even if they don’t have them as a bounty. If they manage to capture and arrest this person, the bounty hunter should receive 50% more of the bounty.
  2. Once I had a bounty who went on cop and I still had his bounty. Cops didn’t appreciate me trying to arrest him lol damn kidnapping charges @RoguePilot Next time you’re mine
  3. My favorite was being on cop at the prison and putting people in solitary confinement. Having prisoners RP doing yard work for early release
  4. Makes them more rare and more valuable. I give that a +1 If this was a thing would tubes still be purchasable and just the rounds need to be found
  5. Can it also be fixed you NEED an illegal firearm and rebel license to contest a cartel other than a SDAR? I’ve seen BHs and pistol bangers contest a cartel I’m capping because they have a gun. They can’t capture it themselves, but they can prevent me from continuing my capture
  6. I hear an entire Mag Unloaded but he only really hit you twice, the rest went around your body and head into the wall. My question is, you had no idea he was even there, why didn’t he just shoot you in the head
  7. Mayhem

    V2 Gang Ranks

    I think it’s pretty cool, especially the money logs idea. +1 from me
  8. Mayhem

    V2 Gang Ranks

    Obviously but I meant, will they go to gang house, and a new menu pops up for gang logs, or through the ATM
  9. Mayhem

    V2 Gang Ranks

    @Jesse how would rank 1 be able to access deposit and withdrawal logs?
  10. Remove scroll wheel for barley if tractor is added lol, make the tractor collect the barley
  11. Hoping some new money making methods. possibly add crafting of scopes onto your gun if you have 2 iron ingot, 1 glass maybe add crafting RPG rounds. also curious how scotch will be affected. Not sure if this has been addressed yet but everyone knows you need to show storage for scotch to age. Since inventory is going to be different now getting rid of the use of crates. Are scotch barrels still going to be a thing? And if so does that mean you can have barrels plus extra inventory for Y inventory
  12. Mayhem


    Probably the best thing that’s come through his mic in about a week
  13. Was funny as hell, we ended up playing a forced game of chicken on who would hit who lol. But the constables that were with us were not the brightest. GG
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