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  1. Chop shop sells them, but you need commercial license(talent point, possible 1 more) and truck license (regular license for purchase) you can also purchase them at the RV shop, you just don’t have the proper licenses/talents.
  2. Just lie like everyone else, recommend you make a new forum account lel I know so many constables that are 16 or younger, even some corporals
  3. @DramaAlert <—- this guy boots people man, he’s a jerk
  4. But I’m lazy
  5. But I don’t go to school anymore so do I have to post pictures of previewed skins on the wiki now? Most skins are customized for Asylum so @Gen. Henry Arnold will have to do it on the Dev server since some skins are money based and donation rank based
  6. That is totally you as the child, you can see the resemblance
  7. Take this time to observe how some APD members act, some good and some bad, you can learn a lot. Also take the time to learn about the server so you don’t look like a nub cadet. Also every now and then @Olio does squeaker patrol allowing younger players to play as cadets under supervision
  8. No this is Patrick but welcome to asylum, some advice. Don’t take anything said to you on the forums or in game personally. And have some fun. Guides to make some money can be found on the wiki
  9. I’d rather have something useful , so just edit my bank account with millions in it so I can give it away for some videos
  10. Look at this nub leaking info, I’m ashamed of you, that’s it. Send me copies of all things posted in SGT, LT, and admin chat and we will overlook this
  11. I prefer 64 bit sorry
  12. You do realize @bamf was publicly made co-owner right? Everyone knew he had the authority, he was just to busy slaying bitched on PUBG
  13. Jokes on you, I haven’t played in a while! I hope you forget
  14. @Destrah I got this @Mitch (IFRIT) you better apologize or I swear I will have some squeaky kid kidnap you and sing you songs all day while roasting you
  15. Check out the wiki for some great guides, try and record everything you do if you can, just in case you lose something valuable so you can receive compensation. If not then throw @Mitch (IFRIT) $1 PayPal and he will handle it