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  1. Let’s just say, if my bank received a few mil donations. I’ll gladly spend like 2 hours filling the lotto. I kinda wish the starting price wouldn’t be 25k maybe like 250k would be a good start
  2. Mayhem

    Need a New PC

    What do you think of this build? Would this run Arma very well? https://gyazo.com/eaad0f5f567de0c27ba6c8411987614a
  3. 1.6m put into total. It’s rigged. Lol of course I stopped after 3 mil, well because I went broke
  4. Rain seemed to cause my FPS to drop way too much. But I do have a potato pc
  5. Mayhem

    GOT Hype

    I can’t wait. Such a great show
  6. Mayhem

    cartel SUGGEST

    We had a pretty fun fight the other day on server 2. The salt was at a minimal, the blown up ifirits were at a medium
  7. Also it was a headshot I’ll try and find the video on my end if it didn’t corrupt. Having problems with shadowplay
  8. It was a nice shot but what doesn’t show is when he first started shooting I was in the truck lol but after I heard him miss I laid down behind it on the hill. Somehow his bullet went through the hill but I still give him credit. It was a good shot
  9. Welcome, please check out the wiki for guides on how to make money. Also please follow all server rules
  10. Any further banter will not be touched. Unless I’m told otherwise. I will not unhide all banter that’s already hidden
  11. The OP should be able to edit the post and title, if not, create a new thread until the titles are updated. Clean up crew is here
  12. If players were banned for just cursing. We wouldn’t have a community
  13. Stratis without meth is nothing. If you were gonna add it back but take out the lab. At least keep RVs and stuff for crank
  14. I’m gonna give you guys credit. Always do
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