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  1. Hey wm I gonna get the money from the giveaway

    1. Mayhem


      I will be on tomorrow. I will contact you through steam

  2. I wish I still had the video of FSA kidnapping me. I was blindfolded and someone was making goat sounds, then all I hear is “STOP FUCKING THE GOAT!”
  3. Link it please
  4. Can’t. At work lol someone wanted a link to it. Was hoping someone currently browsing the forums would have it
  5. Yes but I mean a google spreadsheet , that also has vehicle cargo for showing how many of each weapon/drug you can carry
  6. Anyone have spreadsheets for weapon and vehicle recipes
  7. Make sure you build the desk more stable than the servers. Don’t want it crashing on you

    1. Mayhem



  9. Just gonna leave this here
  10. If I wanted to watch a reinactment of Asylum servers, I’d just play the real thing
  11. Send them on discord
  12. Does anyone still have their old videos back from pre 6.0? If you do , can you link the videos or upload the file to mediafire?
  13. Hate the players, love their food
  14. I created a gang on server 1 that I play with my viewers on YouTube. It’s meant to help you make money and get started go check out the nothing to everything series to learn some good money making techniques