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  1. Chau is the real cheater here.
  2. who are you??
  3. http://plays.tv/video/57335a98d9db92e8e5/meh?from=user @HardyBxoxo
  4. 2v2 doesn't mean anything. What I'am talking about is the number of pro teams in NA then in UK.
  5. UK cs is so much better xd
  6. Same here, if I have chatting shit its only been to gangs thats been bigger than the one I have been in. Because I know they will come back. But its just so fucking stupid to do it to new players. Give them creds for atleast trying and maybe give them some tips, no fucking reason to flame them. Its just like if Messi should have started flaming a kid for trying to play against him.
  7. That's true. The really big problem is that the community have not been accepting new players. I have seen new players been trying to fight cartels, but when they do they get the same response all the time. "What is taking so long, rats?", "Was that a push?" and only flame. And I understand them that they don't wanna come back to cartel when they only get shit back. They wont get good at the game then.
  8. I would like to see a server with a pre 6.0 patch, then a shitty map everyone is gonna stop playing after 1 month.
  9. How to get gang life good again: > Remove Tanoa > Change the map on server 5 to altis > Run a pre 6.0 patch on it. > Ez fights.
  10. Oh man, what a comeback!!!! I would love to flame you more, but I got no clue on who you are.
  11. I think a rat is trying to get contact with me @Corgi, we need some:
  12. Nah, just make it so only handicapped people could join it. Atm 99 % of the players left on asylum is handicapped.