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  1. I just dont like it. Do I have to give you another reason?
  2. That's not decent, that's shit
  3. Probably the talent
  4. sick 6 rws player xd
  5. no
  6. The only thing I can see is a name I have never seen before.
  7. Chau is the real cheater here.
  8. who are you??
  9. http://plays.tv/video/57335a98d9db92e8e5/meh?from=user @HardyBxoxo
  10. 2v2 doesn't mean anything. What I'am talking about is the number of pro teams in NA then in UK.
  11. UK cs is so much better xd
  12. Same here, if I have chatting shit its only been to gangs thats been bigger than the one I have been in. Because I know they will come back. But its just so fucking stupid to do it to new players. Give them creds for atleast trying and maybe give them some tips, no fucking reason to flame them. Its just like if Messi should have started flaming a kid for trying to play against him.