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  1. Ace I got today
  2. Giveaway at 25 followers <33
  3. LIVE. ESEA pugs.
  4. Been between B+ to A.
  5. Supreme when I last had a rank. I never play MM and when I do its on my smurf.
  6. Easy 1v4 clutch I got in pracc today. http://plays.tv/video/58c064807ae3a4a4cc/1v4-gay-like
  7. andrew is a whalerus
  8. LIVE with some Esea pugs soon.
  9. Watched it once and that was enough for me. Doesn't matter if you was a mod in a fcking twitch streamers channel. You are still a fucking retard @massi
  10. Buy premium and play premium queue. ESEA sucks that when you get to A-/A you can only two-man queue or you wont rankup and in A+ you will have to play alone to get points. And you wont rankup in any rank if you are a 5 man stack.
  11. Yep, ESEA actually got a pretty good AC. FACEIT is also starting to catch on too.
  12. And?
  13. Yep, CS is pretty fucked up and have always been fucked up with cheating. Atleast after it got so much money involved in the scene.
  14. And what's the reason for that? If it actually is blatant evidence of him cheating why should they not share it? Then its easier for his friends/people who don't think he was cheating to get over it. I'am not defending Tiger or anything, but it would be nice to know how many admins and the evidence they got on him.
  15. Banning people off videoes is really hard to do, it have to be really blatant to spot it. In CS its the same problem, we just had a situation in the Norwegian community that a player got banned for cheating over demo review. (Got unbanned when he appealed it tho.) This is the shot he did that made him get banned (Was also some other stuff, but it was basicly this that started it all): https://youtu.be/9fbmuKmw6Ag?t=183 (If anyone wanted to see). I guess its easier to spot aimassitance/pulldowns in arma, but you still need a shit-ton of evidence to actually ban someone for it. I personally think that the admins should show us the evidence they got on him. @Volunteer281 I'am not saying he was cheating or not, but that its hard banning someone off videos and bans could happen without the person actually cheating.