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  1. Who the fuck are you? If you still whanna play hart of Iron just message me on discord
  2. @Budbringer, @Chau, @Micheal schmeicheland @henky do we need to show this boy who the real boys are?
  3. Since when are my specs garbage? At least I can run better settings in GTA then you
  4. Actually, it rings a bell now. Dude helped us when we were getting fucked by the cops in kavala
  5. Not to sound rude or anything but I barely know who you are.
  6. What did I do to you for placing me on that list?
  7. Honestly I don't care what you where banned for. @Leady unban this dude, he deserves it.
  8. Age: Old enough In-game Name: Norwegianviking In-game Hours (Screenshot): Previous gangs: None (Too shitty to get in any) How active are you?: Haven't played since February after I was striped of my mod Why do you think you should join NorwegianAutistsClub?: I'm an Autist
  9. You didn't mention me? Life > Game. Good luck dude!
  10. I remember when we both where corporals and we stole Abrahams offroad and dropped it on top of him haha
  11. @HomeTrlx remember when we did this on cop and dropped the vehicles in the water?
  12. This is why you're not a cm yet
  13. Pinapple is simply delicious on pizza. Ain't nothing that can change my mind about that
  14. They're good guys. They keep donor town safe
  15. Sennheiser HD650 with a Schiit DAC/AMP
  16. Motherfucker, you're just too quick.
  17. Delete the current mission file and get a buddy to upload an updated version for you and just paste it in. I'd upload the file for you but I don't play anymore.
  18. You're quoting a 2 year old post
  19. On 5.12.2016 at 6:59 PM, Norwegianviking said:
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