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  1. we better watch our backs boys
  2. But when will they be here
  3. A complete wipe.
  4. Who's Luke
  5. Ya we will?
  6. i dont like taxes im from America. So they gonna be zero
  7. Vote Mr. Hankey Server 3 for Gov.
  8. Thank you. Me, Dimz, And Defragments were all just talking about this on ts lol
  9. @thero server 1 is down rn
  10. please just give me an offer
  11. @thero give me an offer
  12. Welcome To My Open House I am open to offers on all houses present. Leave offers and interests down below in chat Server [1] Rodopoli 70k 2 Crate House. Crates filled with guns and ammo. 87 Meters behind Rodopoli Flag ==================== Paros 120k 3 Crate heroin House Crates filled with heroin and other items. 470 Meters from Heroin Field ==================== 120k 3 crate Charkia House ==================== Pygros Meth House 120k 3 Crate Some what filled. With ingridents. Can fill it up before sale for extra $$