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  1. Crypto Cartel is useless here are my suggestions Make a gang crypto wallet Make crypto cartel a massive BTC Miner for the gang's wallet that is very profitable Special Items that are buyable via crypto Other benefits stay for people who mine individually (Useless)
  2. My HNT miners make way more than that all depends what you mine in reality, but in game Crypto mining is just a money sink.
  3. Just like Oly so it can prevent what just happened to malden
  4. If only tubby would cry about it
  5. Not to mention if you are on the west coast it starts at 2pm, needs to be pushed back an hour and add a round 2
  6. Damn another one but this one is cringe.. Not impressed
  7. Nice kill tubby Thank you for taking the time to make this I love my fans!
  8. All of Envy because they got informed of the change before it happened...
  9. and put doors back on the quillins..
  10. r2 for sure but 8 is just gonna make the server dead maybe everyone could have a full roster if the time would be pushed back
  11. Calm down bud im saying to pay the dev's for there work and maybe you'd get more outta them.
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