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  1. nice tage
  2. If you don't trick people into getting in your ifrit are you really fighting cartels?
  3. nvm im retarded and forgot to clip it you got lucky this time old man
  4. aight im posting some top secret shit about you, its worse than innates whiff in connors montage
  5. then wheres it gonna be old man? spill the beans
  6. lmaoooo @InnateOcean
  7. 1:29, that shit happened to me yesterday I wanted to cry also this kids dumber than me that's no bueno
  8. I take offense to that as i am a cadet main
  9. gimme your corp
  10. Hard Carry ved eta 5 days
  11. https://gyazo.com/ac88c7b09acd7e99aaaec6f7ae20d1cb @Walt APD boutta experience one hell of a ride
  12. Thank You, as this is a lovely application to the National League of Water Boys I'm sadly going to have to deny you. I do hope you apply again in the future with hopes of applying for water boy+ so that way we may tear your hope to shreds yet again. Thank You for applying an have a lovely day.
  13. wtf

    Your hardcore brother chill out no need to flex on everyone
  14. wtf

    Ahem. About your signature, I don't believe that's a jeep we'd tolerate in our Guild. I sorry to inform you but your services will no longer be needed
  15. Happy Birthday #NotMyWaterBoy