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  1. Can I join? I have very Nice experience
  2. Best connect4 player btw
  3. Wow proud, settle down
  4. Stop acting like a gangster lmao you look like a fucking stickman irl
  5. I mean you have 10x his forum posts, shouldnt really be talking about him hanging out on a forum much
  6. You should be happy i dont have the crash compilation i made of you
  7. Norway besterest country
  8. It was a compliment you fucking goon Anyways shit tage, im better
  9. You were scared to apply because you thought you was going to get denied, but I talked you into it
  10. When you made this, did you actually look at it and think "hey, this is actually pretty good"? Not gonna lie, this might be the worst montage I have ever seen hahahaha
  11. When asylum is so dead that they need cops to participate in rebel activities ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whats the next thing? Cops doing banks???? This shit is a fucking joke at this point
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