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  1. I had 16 k from when I was tping around robbing people a few month ago You are very welcome bro hope you enjoy the 2k
  2. Dont worry Bro I still play ;D
  3. Bruh how you gonna do a man like that
  4. I`ll be on tonight
  5. Beanz Approves
  6. Monkeysz
  7. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Have I cried in ban appeals since being banned?
  8. Just a meme mainly everyone messaged me to save POV so I thought I`d show my POV Yeah bro enjoy cooking that full english on your router
  9. You do realise the entire thing is me cheating
  11. I never had a "ego" I just chatted shit because it was half the fun
  12. DAYZ BTW
  13. I had to play it off in Discord and how the fuck are you chatting shit you have a global`d account honestly you must be retarded maybe all that fat got to your head 1 Learn fucking English "You`re play style" BTW 2 Where the fuck don`t I use combat stance 3 It may look like I`m in a shit spot but if you could see what I could you`d understand why I played there
  14. I mean there is a slight difference between mine and Cozzas montage
  15. Bruh there are some clips without I think you can tell which Beans poppin off tho