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  1. what should the new tag be now that adolf mitch took ours away
  2. bunni

    Gang Split

    two weeks actually
  3. stop playing under my name nig
  4. revenant aka frankie didnt make the cut and has been kicked so if any gangs are recruiting you can message him
  5. thats no where near 300 words. shit role play as well, maybe you should apply to a3lrp instead?
  6. this just in, im actually banned from the teamspeak but i still have the ip to it so once accepted i will give you ip to it still but i cant join ;c
  7. Recruitment for this gang only on server 3 called banned and wiped -mitch. Im guessing all the rank 1's got banned or something so recruitment gotta go on to fill their places apply if interested. Application Format In-game name: Role-play Character back story (300 word minimum, no copy paste I will check):
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