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  1. that montage was really bad lol, i did like those single kills though! keep it up cant wait to see more!!!
  2. 500k on eagles superbowl
  3. whats the prize pool look like?
  4. Getting everyone from the gangs to join the ts can be a headache. There would also have to be a place for all the members of the que'd gangs to wait in the asylum ts if you did this, kinda aids
  5. Church arms, Og arms, house cap, Meth compound, and Meth Min of 11 people Max of 14 Max time of 15 minutes for a gang to push and take cap One gang "representative" should be in the asylum ts at all times Rewards - in game money, maybe an exclusive skin? Rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Allow gangs to chose between 3 Attacking Ifrits or 2 Ifrits and 1 Orca Give defending gang a choice between 1 defensive ifrit or 1 Orca
  6. u all suck including you thero fucking bot
  7. meth is a fun cap tbh
  8. watch this and learn how to play k thx
  9. nice shots newfie
  10. terrible. feel free to take pointers from mine though
  11. stop telling people your me please
  12. total war : warhammer 2 is a good game