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  1. i think that we should get another patch like the previous one. I really like how you guys added all those wood variants and would love to see more like it! Maybe add new kinds of berries to harvest! Wood and berries will 100% bring asylum back to what it once was
  2. Old Pyrgos prison and peninsula bank?
  3. #freerevenant
  4. Changes only get made when the servers are even more dead then they are now and they need to try make people want to play again. Dev's complain about not getting enough donations but they don't want to spend time on making something people actually want to play. The only way to get the simple "features" and changes that people have been wanting for years is by unlocking it through a paywall and even then it's some twisted form of what we've originally asked for.
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicExcitedDuckSwiftRage
  6. grotty gang spin off
  7. it looks like there holding a shit in when they run
  8. Whens it come out
  9. bump
  10. hey if anyone wants to join my gang just wire me 300k and ill send you the ts. Hope to see you all soon!
  11. the old wookie ghillie suits are fine, its just the new ghillies that are bugged
  12. idk what you mean by this