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    Fighting cartels, fuck the police.

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  1. In-game name:Moshu Timezone: UTC+2 Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/8b6c8f2bba97d6fe9fb7d45c64c6d32c Previous gang affiliations: ExposedGaming, Pistol Bangers, Eclipse, Twelve Monkeys. Why we should accept you: I am an old player, with knowledge of the game mechanics and cartel fighting. Member who can vouch for you: sake
  2. In Game Name: Moshu Age:17 Are you a member of the APD (rank):no Have you been banned on Asylum?:yes rdm 3 days Any previous Gangs:Pistol Bangers,Eclipse, Twelve Monkeys, Imperium How many hours in Arma 3 (Screenshot on steam):http://imgur.com/a/yncSd
  3. In game name: Moshu Age:17 Time zone: UTC+2 Arma hours: http://imgur.com/a/4PRsH Estimated asylum hours: 700h Previous gangs:Pistol Bangers, Eclipse, Twelve Monkeys, Imperium. Can anyone vouch for you: Probably no one Why do you want to join: I need a new gang for fighting cartels. What skills will you provide for Vitality: Tactical fighting and a good aim
  4. Hatch sports are better then helis if you know how to drive
  5. This server don't have a new life rule so when this will be implementet, probably house spawns on turfs will be disabled.
  6. Medics really need a buff because nobody plays medic only for fun, everybody want to do some money. Maybe try to give more money for a revive, or improve the paychecks.
  7. Why to disable houses, that makes no sense.
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