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  1. n-game name: Alex Tukarski Age: 22 Years Old Time spent on Asylum: 2382 hours Previous admin action: none Why do you want to join us: You look like a nice gang and mature ! look fun!! About you : Im from canada quebec , i got my own gang Blood Brothers but if u guys want me ill leave my gang to join you guys https://gyazo.com/dc46cee4cd6e26fa2092331c3f836577 @@@@@@@@@@@ I will approve this for trial, can send Discord info this evening.
  2. Oh man, that raid at 1:00 was amazing. "The Cadet will not fire unless he is instructed to do so" lmao
  3. Why tf did the Dothraki just run out into the darkness? No tactics, just ran into a tidal wave of undead. (I guess it was just their Barbarian tendencies) Dont get me wrong, that scene was intense as fuck, it just made no sense to me tactics wise. That being said, the first encounter in that charge and subsequent fire fading out were incredible.
  4. I hate those dead brown wire bushes so fucking much. Chicken wire is annoying but if you drive worth a damn you can get through/around them. Those bushes... On many times have fucked me and my car up when in reality they should only cause cosmetic damage to vehicles.
  5. I will start the bidding at $1 for the suppressor
  6. This is my thing; we should have content by each city. Heroin is better up by Sofia, the only thing is not a lot of people actually process opium to heroin. If they move a BMP up there then the region would see pop increase for sure. I'm also of the mindset that ephedra should be moved to the other side of the map. There is almost no risk running meth unless you are in a large vehicle and that is typically done in groups.
  7. Just move the BMP North of Kavala to Sofia and keep H over there.
  8. Dude this brought back the feels hard. Miss old M.
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