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  1. I hate those dead brown wire bushes so fucking much. Chicken wire is annoying but if you drive worth a damn you can get through/around them. Those bushes... On many times have fucked me and my car up when in reality they should only cause cosmetic damage to vehicles.
  2. I will start the bidding at $1 for the suppressor
  3. This is my thing; we should have content by each city. Heroin is better up by Sofia, the only thing is not a lot of people actually process opium to heroin. If they move a BMP up there then the region would see pop increase for sure. I'm also of the mindset that ephedra should be moved to the other side of the map. There is almost no risk running meth unless you are in a large vehicle and that is typically done in groups.
  4. Just move the BMP North of Kavala to Sofia and keep H over there.
  5. Sale Price: Make an offer Shed: https://imgur.com/xZ3ZO68 Location: https://imgur.com/9unIFku South West of Laka Check Point, directly south of the low yield quarry to the west of Laka 2 Crates
  6. Dude this brought back the feels hard. Miss old M.
  7. DAX OP NERF HIS HAX PLZ For real, the bank at 1:00 top tier shit brotha, good times.
  8. I vouch for Lil Tay. Good shot and APD Officer; Approved for trial. If everything goes well after a few days, you will be promoted to full gang member. Discord info will be sent via message here on the forums (once I am home, if you need it before then reach out to an online member in game or on the forums), hop in lobby and we will get you Arma tags. Someone in-game can send you an invite, if not I will be on later tonight can can do it then. Welcome to the gang!
  9. Responded to this with a large police force last night. Unless a bigger group of Rebels overwhelm the cops once the fence is down, its kind of tough for them to get in. Maybe limit how many cops can spawn directly in there when fence is being hacked? (Like a max of 5 can redeploy directly into the compound, just to holding down the fort for reinforcements) Also a tracker on the truck is OP. Large force of cops will just hunt them relentlessly. This will just force the robbers to switch the contraband to another vehicle ASAP (which, for rebel, is how I would do it if the vehicle is tracked). Maybe have the truck ping location frequently or provide a location update every 5 minutes, but a active tracker is not the best idea imo. I don't think allowing them to sell the guns right there in exchange for cash would be a good idea, way too easy to just turn that into a money making robbery, maybe have them sell at Black Market for the cash. Allowing the truck to contain seized Y is also ++++ from me. @@@ Edit: What about just spawning the loot in large crates? This would allow Y and guns to be selected and load into the transport the rebels bring themselves.
  10. Says the people that dont play #3. 3 has a consistent pop. Lots of randoms, no overly powerful gangs. Only time its "dead" is late night or early morning Mon-Fri. Last night at 2-3am EST there was over 30 people in there. #CloseDownServer#1
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