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  1. hey bro my truck broke down at weed can u come and repair it im waiting
  2. 2. this is a game called arma 3 not real life
  3. gay
  4. yo brrrrrooo i respect your adidas store location my man hjows life

  5. i lost my 50 cal on life because of strife. strife is the biggest scam ever bro
  6. only if it was on asylum. reckless blows
  7. hes moving to strife bro
  8. bro why do u take this so serious lol
  9. pass me ur paypal and it should get fixed
  10. this took me 20 mins no bs
  11. no problem guys i got u. we gotta defend each other forever u feel me. we gotta be tight together like no other men and women in the world. we are the best people. i like the blue car btw
  12. 1. this may sound stupid but add a town for rebels/criminals where buying or trading can happen idk 2.custom vehicles? 3.system to help new players start off cap increase 5.make rebel more exciting somehow
  13. bro i would answer ur question if i could get on the servers hehexd
  14. bro u got competition