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  1. thank you for ur service and for protecting my country sir
  2. the license for rebel should be expensive and the guns should be cheap imo
  3. its gonna be donor level 4 just like wet suits
  4. can u guys add in clothing that i dont have to pay money for. im trying to wear in game pixels for free instead of throwing $100 for some pixels on my character u guys prob already made bank from crates so ur good
  5. hey man i remember u from school
  6. email me the screenshots at
  7. good joke. before playerunknown came out i hit the last guy alive on h1z1 for 99 and he killed me
  8. hey bro my truck broke down at weed can u come and repair it im waiting
  9. 2. this is a game called arma 3 not real life
  10. gay
  11. yo brrrrrooo i respect your adidas store location my man hjows life

  12. only if it was on asylum. reckless blows
  13. hes moving to strife bro
  14. bro why do u take this so serious lol