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  1. lol sorry about that. thats my little sister ill comp u back just email me at [email protected]
  2. yo listen up mutts if any of u are good at csgo type 123 in this fucking thread and hit me up u feel ahahhahaha :)))))
  3. rip stephen hawkings. one day we will be in space and become real people
  4. can i join fsa
  5. yo can i join your gang
  6. is asylums budget dying
  7. can i have 500k
  8. yo i just spoke to gnashes irl and he said this isnt happening sorry bro
  9. never blame asylum blame bohemia
  10. yo man i gotta go do some jumping jacks ok so ill watch ur montage later see u later my man. cant wait to visit u tmrw in california and drift in ur new honda civic that shits gonna be fun peace my man. i also bought a new dog so im gonna walk him after i do my jumping jacks then ill watch ur vid. peace
  11. Hi.

    @KrazyKnight can u send google more money so he can buy me holdfast
  12. i dont understand why people are complaining. fuck ur shitty ass homes theyre useless if only 20 people play on the server. the devs can fucking take all my homes if it means that the server population will increase
  13. its gonna be behind a 5k pay wall sorry