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  1. In Game Name: Age: 24 Are you a member of the APD (rank): corporal Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: no Any previous Gangs: vp trying to get back into the gang life and having fun with the good old ds boys
  2. i would like to ask about the bank notes because every time some one seizes them off a person in hq they dont get anything the only way they get something is when its seized into a car
  3. man I under stand were your coming from.are loadouts are cheap but let me explain something to you there load outs are about 2.9k just think how many times they die in fed fights bank fights prison break fights pluss you got people that are uc now are loadouts are about 8k when we go to feds banks prison breaks even drug areas we lose more then you think of you think ur load out cost a lot of money you have no ideal wowowowow you think we make a lot of money hahahahahahaha I got news for you buddy we don't make that much money as you think we do even going to drug fields and busting some one dosent make us nothing at all really
  4. you play it smart by not staying so long and you must have ur game sound up all the way and all you have to do is A eather kill the cop or B get in ur car and make a run for its not that hard
  5. larrydotson

    im back

    well boys im back after having no power for 3 days damn storm came thour man 40mphs wind caused a lot of damage to my street lol
  6. now you are right just think ok how many more people that would play on anuther perfect server
  7. maric is right if you guys want to grow asylum make anuther server its not really a bad thing when you look at it the right way you got people that are dedicated on wanting to play there are times were I see asylum 1 at max pop at 1:00 in the after noon. I meen hell its not bad to have a sec server up will its take time to populate yes but common people this is 2020 its time to start growing asylum we cant be stuck on 1 server for ever what about all them people that are trying to play but its max pop that's probably a lot of people. but will you guys make anuther server probably not but that's fine but remember this is 2020 the time to grow is now don't let all them people that are trying to get into a server that is max pop suffer hope you enjoy what I wrote and maybe some day you guys will decide on weather to make anuther server we have over come so much big thanks to all the new and old mods/admins/people that have steped down so new admins/mods/devs that saved are server.
  8. if s2 or s3 gets shut down there will be a lot of people that play on them servers leave until there servers are put back up and the thing is not every one dose banks feds or prison and some people will not sit there and hop servers. pluss even if s2 or s3 gets shut down that's not gonna make the pop go up for s1 I know a lot of people that would quit and just waite for asylum v2
  9. looking for 3 crate houses in dp14 or dp15 and sheds
  10. I need to know who owns the dp14 shed and the dp 15 shed plz contact me I wish to buy one of them
  11. larrydotson

    server 3

    looking for a dp5 or dp3 3 crate house
  12. the stairs are a good thing now rebels cant just sit up there and think there safe pluss the stairs are a little glitchy anyways at least you guys have a sighn for some cover
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