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  1. Brotherdave

    New way to RP ( for police officers)

    Takes too much time to robocop them. Down them Throw in car Drive to HQ Pull from car Send to jail EZ Done.
  2. Brotherdave


    The feels of being permed again. The trauma it brings me.
  3. Brotherdave


    Make it so vehicles kill people when run over. I'm tired of giving people the ole switcheroo.
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  5. Brotherdave


  6. Brotherdave

    Proud is so cool

  7. Brotherdave

    PC Input appreciated

    Last time I used AMD was like 12 years ago and it was a headache BUT supposedly they are "good" now. I'm not sure how'd they do with Arma because of the potato optimization Arma uses.
  8. Brotherdave

    PC Input appreciated

    Going to try and keep this brief. Currently i7 2600k, ddr3 ram going strong, not strong enough for Arma having issues. Looking at a few options. 8700k, Ryzen 2700x(Amd makes me nervous) or wait for 3rd gen Ryzen. My gtx 970 is running fine and I won't be changing that until it dies. I've noticed that Ryzen 2700x value per buck looks a lot better than the 8700k, 269.99 vs 369.99ish. Any suggestions appreciated.
  9. Brotherdave

    [Win 500k!] Asylum Roleplay Challenge! =D

    Can I roleplay as a mute person with anger issues running around Kavala with a rook?
  10. Brotherdave

    Server issues: Resolved

  11. Brotherdave

    New Support Staff

    Thanks for the congratulations guys I'll try not to let you all down.
  12. Brotherdave

    TFW Banned

    Another *heavy breathing* member down, 2 left.