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  1. You lost me at #NotClickBait.
  2. 10/10 update great work.
  3. The best god damn policing I've ever seen.
  4. Keep doing the lords work by keeping the APD cucklords out of Kavala.
  5. If you have a youtube channel for reporting the amount of stupid shit that this squeezer reports, you deserve to be banned. This is one of the fundamental problems with Asylum's community. The community has a bunch of these squeezoids running around getting off on creating player reports. The Community managers need to come up with a system to deter excessive player reports and punishment for player reports that are a waste of time to watch. Example, you report someone for RDM, it isn't RDM, the person who created the report gets banned for half the time. No one wants to play on a server with these types of player report hungry mongs.
  6. Takes too much time to robocop them. Down them Throw in car Drive to HQ Pull from car Send to jail EZ Done.
  7. The feels of being permed again. The trauma it brings me.
  8. Make it so vehicles kill people when run over. I'm tired of giving people the ole switcheroo.
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