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  1. Played the original one and loved it. I played the demo for the second one and it was pretty damn good. I just cant bring my self to buy games for 59.99 otherwise I would have bought it
  2. Listen this isn't no fucking bitch with red hair anime, this is Im fucking street fighter slamming two kids talking shit at my grind spot, then im beating the bricks off of the fags horse
  3. Its an Asian Action RPG game based around fighting other players, getting gear, and leveling up. My brother's aren't in to a whole lot of games but they play it so it's what Im playing (for now). Ill make a video eventually to show you what its like - the games dope
  4. Whats wrong with Windows 7
  5. Yeah, play with my brothers. Killing other players in BDO doesn't require me to sit behind a rock for two hours, its pretty fun
  6. Ive logged twice since then, once was because CoryB and a few other guys were screaming in the channel about dying in kavala fully geared - so I logged off bdo to help which lasted a whole 25 minutes. The second time was to sell all of my money that wasn't in prestige edit: just for the record thats 2 months ago.... not 3
  7. Ill never forget the amount of times I seen that kid talk on the forums about how special he was, and not even joking - the last time I played which was in July this kid came a long and couldn't figure out where TREE ROCK WAS, FUCKING TREE ROCK. That is all.
  8. Ive given you queer's weirdo's like ten pictures. Im going to start charging
  9. @Midamaru , Well not that anyone beleives this but again - I work in a cubicle at a desk doing Software Engineering for IBM. oh yeah and @Glass of Water what do you think the lady behind me is for I like you so Ill message you the secrets in your inbox Edit: Ill post it in the open since you fucking guys have literally no idea what you are doing. Losing Weight doesn't mean anything when you aren't doing it the right way. You cut corners and its not going to be fun when your kidneys shut down in two years. 1. Count your calories. 2000 is the diet number but thats at the end of the day, not the start. What I mean by that is you can eat whatever number you feel that you need to as long as you finish the day with under 2000. I eat around 1800-2200 calories a day but I always finish around 1500-1900. That's the science behind losing weight. Now how do you get to that point? It all depends on how you want to go about it. I don't do cardio unless I have a Mens League or a Tournament coming up. Its fucking boring and I can literally stand and do my work while losing my weight. However if you want to eat more then you probably will need to run. - Watching what you eat. This obviously makes sense because if you eat crap what do you think you probably will look like? This doesn't mean just go cold turkey one day. You should make better and better choices as you go on. On top of that there's a lot of factors in things that you probably never realized. - The cheese on a burger is roughly 200 calories. Thats around 10% of your calories. You can still have a burger and fries if you want but do the math. Burger = 300 + 200 (Cheese) +150 (Toppings and condimens) + 140-170 (Bun) = 750 on average. Fries = 500 usually This totals at 1250 which is bad (even worse at a restaurant. You really shouldnt have a meal that takes up 3/4 of your daily calories. With this being said, you can do the math, Take the cheese off, -200, swap mayo and bacon for pickles and ketchup, -120, and maybe put it on regular bread if you can, - 70. This turns your burger into 300 + 30 + 70-100 = 500. If you still wanted your fries you are at 1000 and thats perfectly fine. 2. Sitting in your chair , this is killing your metabolism and lets face it - were getting older. People love to tell you standing is so good for you but they never tell you why. Standing obviously helps your posture, muscles, and the last part no one looks up - is it burns calories. Yes you can burn calories without sweating, in fact if you stand a half an hour for every hour that you work you will burn between 200-300 calories. Thats equivalent to 1.5 - 2.5 miles on a treadmill. You burn around 50-70 calories per hour standing. I stand for 6 hours so thats around 360 calories burned for me just from that. 3. "Fasting". Everyone loves to tell you to fast but they have no fucking idea what they are talking about and try to use fancy words. The plain simple fact is between the last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day you burn fat. The less you have in you, the more you burn. Anything more then 10 calories will break this fasting. An easy way to do fasting is to set times to eat. I eat at 12 and 7 every day. I use my sleep cycle to cheat my way through an extra 8 hours making my fasting period 17 hours. You obviously wont start off at something that high but make baby steps. 4. Workout. Again, this is whatever your perogative is but I never intended to lose weight just to be a twig. I wanted to look a certain way and working out not only helped build muscle but added on average 200 calories burned on top of the rest. TLDR: 1. "Fasting", Eat at 12 and 7 with a protein shake and a peice of fruit inbetween. Not a drop of anything after, as well as only water for drinks 2. "Standing", Stand for a minimum of 4 hours a day, ideally 6. 3. "Counting", Eat around 1800-2200 calories before counting your deductions. If you eat too little you will gain weight from your body going into a panic state. 4. Any excercise is good for you and will speed up the process. Its not needed, but that would all depend on how long you are willing to wait for gains. Im fine with a half a pound to a pound a week. 5. I can give you a list of what I eat as well if you want. My meals cost $2.50 and taste good. 6. Keep your sugars under 35g and your proteins around 140-180 until you start looking at nutrition in the grocery store. Ive lost over 100 pounds through basketball, and gained back around 40 of it. Over time I lost that 40 doing what I said above
  10. I feel like the old scrap the entire mission file off, re-clone one from s1 and re-deploy it would help. Regardless if its the same or not
  11. You fucked up
  12. damn that won't be out for a long time but thats really cool
  13. I've had numerous jobs simultaniously - the correction is this one doesn't suck now :D. Also I need a chair that actually has fucking arm rests and isnt made out of wood
  14. Price doesn't really matter I was looking to buy a new chair, do you have any recommendations and why (please and thank you)
  15. If you just make a radius script like people have suggested for years it could be applied to the officer who 1. Arrests Criminal 2. Lethal's Criminal 3. Parole or PARDONS (never understood why there wasn't something for this)????? Criminal.