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  1. Well the parts that I picked are on the lower end and seem to be an appropriate price. As you go up from there its retardedly inflated. - Its also not really up to me -> His father wants to get him something for his birthday and he wants to use some of the money hes saved.
  2. Whats the benefit with that CPU + Motherboard again? It's been a few years since I looked into the different benefits CPU's have. Im assuming its based on newer technology (Skylake e.t.c) and would be future proof? (Not that I know the difference between an i3 or i5 anymore anyways)
  3. Yeah probably, I could lower that to 2400 mhz ram and maybe save like 20-30$
  4. How much more we talking? - I already stretched there initial budget a bit but I wouldnt mind paying the rest out of my money if its reasonable
  5. I did a little research in what the minimum requirements were for VR and the minimums were - 3.2-3.4 ghz on an i5 or later processor - 960 with 2 gb vram or more So based on this I took the budget of around 900$ and made this: - Please let me know if I missed anything or if I mis-read the spec requirements. Thank you very much
  6. So how many votes did i get
  7. I aint trying to be rude but its literally you cornering a monty in secure area followed by a double kill in casual? Whats the point of this again?
  8. Was re-creating twitter using a relational database in mysql and php. - The issue was taking a user input (form action) and putting that in a variable (using mysqli_escape e.t.c) and then matching that variable to one of the attributes from a table in the database. Basically you enter your name cifunds and the database checks to see all the posts made by cifunds and spits them out. - The issue was saying "Cifunds" doesnt exist in a table that "Cifunds" is actually in. I turned the database on today and it randomly started working with no changes made
  9. My question solved it self some how I guess
  10. Made me spit my drink out. @Alec-I Such a good video for a game that doesn't get a lot of exposure,
  11. Clearly you didn't and you just made some nerd rage video. I've played for a long time and I agree there's plenty of fucking corrupt morons in the APD but there's one thing for certain - they all have fuckboy circle jerk groups that hate each other and would love to give each other points
  12. I dont know man, the APD maybe full of retards but if theres one thing for sure - they love to hand out points. If you gave them a solid video with an honest write up you would have your action taken
  13. If you did this then you have messages to prove it and will get comp. Thats actually the easiest way to get your money back
  14. I would start small - and depending on if you are under weight or over weight you can branch off from there 1. I would start to take some protein - nothing crazy , Gold Standard Whey protein. - If you are under weight drink it with Whole Milk - If you are over weight drink it with almond milk (If you are alergic to peanuts use soy, and if you are alergic to soy use water). Protein is huge for building muscle - I would start by taking one scoop with 8 ounces within an hour after you are done working out. Over time as you progress depending on your body weight you will want to increase that to 1 and a half and then possibly 2 and increase it to maybe 10 or 12 ounces. Eventually you will want to even have a protein shake on the days you are off so you can provide more of the amino acids that repair your muscle tissue. 2. I would slowly start to change things out - If you drink 10 sugary drinks a day start by only drinking 5 and working down till none. From there I would plan to start drinking more water in general if you are committed to this RAF stuff as you will need to intake more. - This doesn't mean you just get rid of all sugar - as thats a bad idea since you will be exercising and running a lot with RAF. You should just have a better source of the glycogen such as some healthy fruits , yogurts, and stuff like that. 3. Your calorie intake will obviously need to adjust but thats something you can work on over time and it goes more off of what you are doing and where you are at in terms of fitness. - I cant give you an answer here as if you are eating too many calories then you should start making smarter choices as you go. Ill give you an example: The cheese on a cheeserburger is roughly 230 calories. Thats more then 10% of your daily calories - do you really give a shit a bout that peice of cheese? Likewise maybe you are under weight and you could use an extra apple or some peanut butter to get healthy fats. This all depends on you in particular and where you are at with your RAF training needs.
  15. I dont eat breakfast but I have something small in between lunch and dinner always - usually either an apple or a yogurt. As dumb as this sounds, and you have to bare with me here - To do more push ups, pull ups, and sit ups you need to do them a bit every day or every other day. You don't need to do 100 pull ups a day but if all you can do is half, do a half rep 10 times and then do it again in another day or two and keep repeating. Doing Negative resistance is also hugely beneficial such as jumping up to the bar and slowly releasing down. Dont let your ego stop you from progressing - a half a rep is fine if thats what is hard for you , just remember to do a few of them and make it a work out. As for running to build your lungs you want to try to gradually stretch it out. Start by running a small amount every day as in the RAF you would be running every day. If a quarter of a mile gets you winded start by doing that. You dont need to do 3 miles on Monday and be so exhausted you cant run till Friday - thats just stupid. When it comes to body weight exercises its not really how many you can do that gets you stronger but how well you do the one's you can. If half a rep is hard for you then thats a good workout. I would stick to trying to get your self slowly in to a regiment where you mimic a basic set of what you will do at RAF. Slowly build on that to where you are doing this 5 or so times a week and rest when needed