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  1. Sugarfoot

    Just saw this in chat

    There's always a fine line with being the guy who owns the bar and needs patrons but wants his bar to be rid of the fools. Still gives me a good laugh when there's a conversation in blue chat about how having two other battle eye'd accounts or being banned on [insert server name] for cheating doesn't make you a cheater hahahaha.
  2. Sugarfoot

    Just saw this in chat

    Personally my favorite is the part where if you only have X amount of accounts banned on servers or battle eye'd then its obviously not a big deal
  3. Sugarfoot

    Montage #1

    Think we gotta ruff um up @Ronald
  4. Sugarfoot

    Donor 7 perk update

    Two more questions lol - 1. Does buying the loot crate keys nowadays count towards donating? 2. Where can you find information on whats included in the crates?
  5. Sugarfoot

    Donor 7 perk update

    I have been trying to check the "My Aslylum" section to see what donor level I am but it always seems to come up as my IP has never logged on the game before lol
  6. Sugarfoot

    My PC Is loud

    In your case its most likely vibration - I would recommend the same. - Start by tightening all the wires you can, routing any wires possible through the bottom of the case, and zip tie what evers loose. I would go further to make sure nothing is rubbing against the case as with vibration from the parts will make that noise. - I would also go in and tighten some of the components down just as a double check. Don't over tighten anything as thats not needed. - Lastly I would make sure the case side panel is on tight as if there is any bit that isn't full connected then that would be a tell tale sign. If those three are checked then you should pay attention to what your doing when it comes about as it could be the "Coil Whine" thats introduced with the new 10xx card series. Not harmful at all but its something to do with the capacitors and coils they use in that series ++ Same goes for you @Chrome
  7. Sugarfoot

    My PC Is loud

    Well shit like that like I said tends to occur during High Load / High Voltage. I just bought a 1070 ti and I could be playing a really high intensive game with no noise but if I loaded up some shitty game where I got 300 frames its going to be screaming with coil whine
  8. Sugarfoot

    Any Recommendations for PC Parts or Games?

    I get my parts usually off of combo deals during june or off of Reddit Build a PC when people find crazy deals. If you have a specific peice your looking for I can probably help you find a good deal as I just went through the whole process
  9. Sugarfoot

    My PC Is loud

    Pretty much what everyone else said here: 1. Move around your wires to make sure nothing is clipping and then tighten things to make sure there isn't vibration. 2. Remove your video card and test the noise to rule out whats called "Coil Whine". You will notice with some of the 10xx series cards there are very loud coil whines when you are operating at higher frame rates. (Not sure if either applies there but its a simple test so probably still worth your time) 3. If both of those don't apply then I would start to try to figure out the scenario for which the noise occurs. If its during high load or high voltage requirement then it might possibly be your PSU if its a peice of shit. If you have any concern about it being your PSU or if you have a shitty PSU I would highly recommend just buying a new one before you damage any other parts. Even if you have a spare PSU you can always use it for a future build and there not expensive. I can't see much of your PC but when your going through step #1 you can inspect various fans (CPU Fan, M1 / Chasis Fans, Video Card Fans, PSU Fan, e.t.c) Hopefully that helps you @william
  10. Sugarfoot

    WoW players

    Play both sides / both pve & pvp - but primarily alliance - Drock#1818
  11. Sugarfoot

    GTX 1080 for 429.99$

    If I recall correctly you are young so you just need to get a job and lose your free time like an adult would
  12. Sugarfoot

    GTX 1080 for 429.99$

    ive heard 'rumours' like that since April though. The issue is how long do you wait and do you even get lucky enough to get your hands on one which will probably run you about 600$ for the 1170 version which is it dollar for dollar that much better then a 400$ 1080? Thats where my questions stand currently - as I do not know the answer to them
  13. Sugarfoot

    GTX 1080 for 429.99$

    Got an email about this and figured I would let you guys know as you always let me know about stuff: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-6181-KR - I don't know persay whats the best deal right now and when you should buy but maybe this is a good purchase. Ill leave that for someone else to figure out
  14. Sugarfoot

    Workouts and Diets

    Well work on watching what you eat then for now. The whole process isn;t something you just change tonight - you constantly make your diet better and better. I work out 6 days a week and I have been doing that for 9 years, it wasn't until the last year and a half I finally decided to learn nutrition and thats where things change. Thats 75% of the battle
  15. Sugarfoot

    Workouts and Diets

    You picked a good time for this question - I am doing another event for IBM regarding this and Ill sum up some notes I have. If its too long then just look at the bulletin points below the explanations - otherwise read them because they explain why I say what I am saying. If no one cares then I can just delete it as well: I still recommend the same three things to everyone who wants low body fat and they are no no particular order other then me putting a number in front: 1. Begin Fasting, I'm not saying go crazy and do some youtubers "once a day" crazy bull shit. Pick a time for lunch and pick a time for dinner then make sure you don't eat outside of those windows. Why is this important? Well when you do things like cardio you tend to burn more fat off of the area's you are moving then the rest of your body - however if you can do things to boost your metabolism and increase the rate in which you burn fat in general you will lose fat in the places that are hard to. (The same places you as a male put fat primarily which would be your chest, your lower stomach, and your lower back). Lastly if your someone like me and your hungry all the damn time - this will help you curve your hunger as you know exactly when you are eating and you get in a routine. - A simple thing I do is I eat at 12:30 for lunch, 3 for a snack, 7:00 for Dinner, and 8:30 for a final snack. That leaves me with an 8 hour eating window and a 16 hour fasting window which guess what - your fasting when your sleeping. Anything greater then 5 calories will break a fast - so just water essentially. 2. Count things, I'm not saying you can't eat more then 2000 calories but when you end your day if you want to lose weight you need to be under 2000 calories. On average I intake around 2100-2500 calories but my end of the day amount its usually between 1600-1900 resulting in about .5 - 1 lb's of fat per week lost. In addition to this you should pay attention to more things as you begin to get educated on nutrition. Sugar is used as an energy source - everyone knows this- but when you have too much it turns to fat. As a normal human being you should aim to be around 25-35 grams of sugar as a male (20-25 as a female) and you can add roughly 5-7 if you have worked out hard that day. There are differences in the kinds of sugar which is helpful when it comes to breaking it down and why those sugars don't turn to fat as easily but if you are in taking too much sugar it will turn to fat plain and simple. Lastly you should keep an eye on your salt - a lot of low calorie things and pre-perpared things have a ton of salt. Not only is this bad for your health but you can retain water making you feel bloated and look a lot "fatter" or softer then you really are - just pay attention to the % on the box and as an athlete you will need a bit more then the average person. (I haven't calculated this from my own notes but I have no issue with about 20% more then the recommended amount) - The take away here is to begin to count your calories, your sugar, and your sodium. Eventually you can get into things like GMO's and natural shit but start off with simple numbers. Remember even things like Fruit can be bad when your numbers get too high. The science behind it makes sense and you will see it when you track your results. 3. Standing, the last thing on the list is burning calories. You can do what you want but as an athlete you know damn well 2000 calories isn't going to work for you. This means you are already at a disadvantage just feeding your self. What can you do? Well you can examine how you burn calories - as an athlete you know a mile jog on a treadmil is roughly 80-120 calories, outside is roughly 100-145 calories, and uphill is roughly 140-210 calories all depending on your weight and speed. A smart man would look at other ways that you can incorporate burning calories without causing strain on your body to keep up with your requirements. An average person burns 60 calories per hour standing, but an athlete of your size burns more around 70-80. What does this mean? - If you decided to stand for one hour every other hour by the time you were done your 8 hour work day you would have burnt about 300 calories. So what, thats nothing? - Thats the equivalent of running about 2.5 miles out doors every single day. - If you added in just a small amount of standing you could lose weight by changing just about nothing in your life. Granted losing weight doesn't mean you will become this jacked human being as you really are what you eat. However this with the right diet will lower your body fat tremendously. I can provide more information on what to eat and work outs but I'd rather not type more if no one cares with what I typed here to begin with