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  1. Interesting, Come on Derek don't be fucking Toxic. You made it to friday
  2. You remind me of a Toothpick from my cabinet
  3. Thats a good thing
  4. Well I mean I grip the living fuck out of my mouse, ima big guy. I could just imagine what would happen if you pushed down a little hard haha
  5. Oh god I can imagine the way the wood looks after playing arma
  6. Glo the Korean Myth
  7. Hahaha I wish you guys had a picture of our fortress
  8. I've always been a fan of gathering a boat load of each ingredient to my house then running hatches non stop when I think it's safe and have the cartel. Then every once in a great while ill convince a friend to guard me while I sell for 25k. With that being said this doesn't mean the other stuff shouldn't get a buff. I would love to run diamonds if it was atleast feasible. 30k an hour seems a bit shitty, where as 50 or 60 changes the conversation
  9. 26 minutes of footage down to 5.
  10. Its a useless Idea Snow Flake. If you wanted to do something along the lines of rewards for getting Gang War points or Cartel cap points you would have alot of people's attention. Or maybe something silly along the lines of Cop vs Civ combat related things rather then non interaction
  11. Both are loot crate items
  12. Yeah and I seen a few of the people in your village on a commercial five minutes ago asking me to pay to feed them. balls in your court bitch
  13. oooof Glad that was not me hahah!