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  1. The blue is really light it just looks oddly dark in that picture. White is tough in a bathroom where the air is wet
  2. LOL my bathroom is fine guys holy shit, I just re-did my home gym I should show you guys. Its pretty dope
  3. Listen its nice I sware, that picture doesn't do it justice
  4. LOL
  5. To be fair it looks a lot better then my shitty phone gives it credit. The shower has circular glass doors that glide - that shit looks like a time machine.
  6. Huskers is about 5'4 with shoe's. My boy's got some growing to do
  7. You musta thought I was someone else @Xehons
  8. Edit: Fat you say hmmm @Azeh Did I miss anything here or you think we good
  9. Watching you do anything besides try to shove food in your fat mouth is horrible. You are the reason why all the Gang War announcers sounded dull because the awful players we had to watch consided people like you and your gang
  10. @Zodiac , @Cory B , @PeytonCx , @rugged
  11. Im always lazy to put that version of it and it always bites me in the ass
  12. I made a joke about zurph (or who ever the fuck Niao Hing is at this point) ban evading which he does on a weekly basis. It was a small joke amongst the million I said during the time I spent helping you fuck boys who wanted a gang tournament out. If you would like you can do the talking next time, I'll gladly spend more time on siege. I just figured if i had to hear "THAT ROCK" one more god damn time i'd lose my mind so I helped out. Edit: Fuck it aint worth the argument, leaving it as this
  13. Its no secret but 1. Basketball 2. UFC 3. Working Out / Nutrition
  14. If they put anymore vitamins in my body you will see me beating George St. Pierre's ass at UFC 219. Ill stick with my sugar,salt,water
  15. I mean some people like the same gender too. I dont judge, just know that Dark Blue, Cool Blue, THE BEST BLUE, ROYAL BLUE. Gaotrade is the best