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  1. I just bought an upright bike machine for my home gym - its fancy as fuck. (Would have got a treadmill but the ceiling is too low)
  2. I got a "Silent version" of the razer ultimate so I might be able to get away with it for a little while
  3. Perfect, now ima pretty tall guy - will my voice pick up from the regular stand or do I need to buy the scissor thing and bend it up?
  4. I dont stream or anything but I don't want to sound like shit. Would I still need all of that other stuff? Also why do you prefer the Audio-Technica?
  5. Just tired of the normal headset mic combo's because they normally aren't very good especially anything wireless which is even more obvious. - It all stems from my headset wires getting coiled to shit and I have a small room so theres all sorts of variables that Im too lazy to get into causing me to want to get a new headset. I figured if im going to get a new headset I might as well spend more then 30$ for once
  6. If anyone has experience or knowledge to answer some of this please educate me: 1. Question for the: Blue Yeti Pro - Blackout Edition for 99.99$ - However they push a lot of these addons with it such as a pop filter , mic stand, or god knows what else. Do I need to buy all of this stuff with it or is it something so minor that I will be fine with the microphone it self. (Price with all the accessories 125.97) 2. Same question applies for the Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser - 99.00$ (Price with the accessories 125.98) - Im on the fence with which one of the two to get and with or without these accessories. You guys always know your shit so I appreciate the response.
  7. I do maybe five things in my life: 1. Work 2. School 3. Gym 4. Basketball 5. Get on and play games - Unless it occurs in anyone of those things I don't know what it is.
  8. If I have to watch another gang wars with reliance coming in third place I will eat all the fucking tide pods you got @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  9. Welcome man, and before you even record / report / sidechat just know this. 1. You will get RDMed in Kavala 2. You will get VDMed in Kavala 3. You will probably exploit in Kavala. 4. You should leave Kavala.
  10. @bamfI think the whole spawning idea after x amount of time or x amount of things is just asking for a problem. Keep it to where there is a like a 20-30 minute cool down at the start of the fed , similar to when you finish one, that way the server has a chance to get its self together at the start of server. After that whatever dome you open up should spawn a random amount of bars between 2-4. This way the worst fed you can do is 12 and the best you can do is 24. The less shit being put on a script the better server performance you will get period
  11. Had to look this up, on TV the challenge is to get your clothes dirty, in real life its eating the fucking detergent packs and dying. Okay so thats how its going to be huh? You are built like a shopping cart with ears
  12. Oh the threads getting good someone make a meme and put soomeone elses name in it already. Pillers , if this is the correct pillers, was an old player from Bad Blood (Not sure if he stayed around long enough for insanity). Or just a random guy with the same name idk
  13. Thats not an argument, this is an argument. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Hey guess whats the difference between Bada and his hair? His hair actually stands up.
  14. I have no problem with Gnashes but I voted yes just to fucking stir the pot. COME ON SOMEONE START ARGUING, CALL SOMEONE A NAME, THROW A BAN OUT THERE, DDOS SOMEONE ALREADY
  15. I dont want to be reading a book