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  1. I wish I knew what kind of desk I have its a giant mahogony desk that is made for two people. It separates each side of a desk by a T shape that comes out in the middle to divide them. I have my monitors and PC set up in front of me with my work laptop on my side (The middle part). I swear I got it from Jordans a few years ago for maybe like 3 grand
  2. Fuck it make them compensate you some fat cash and move over to those servers. Make some profit on the way
  3. Yup Ref'd basketball for six years, started cleaning floors under the table and volunteering to coach the kids until they hired me as a ref.
  4. I never understood why people always rubbed there dicks with how much money they make or what there title is. I was 100 times happier when I cleaned floors & Ref'd at the YMCA then I am now working at IBM. Money aint everything
  5. Yeah free harley and zurph for fights
  6. Jesus christ , the only thing that wasn't a top star was zaza foulshit and now they get cousins????????
  7. Yeah it does, and then when I went to the paypal resolution center and opened an issue for it -> paypal sent back this like instantly:
  8. Yeah the guy canceled all the payments so paypal is sending the money back right now
  9. Ebay resolution center for our gaurentee lol. Paypal payment went through on my end, so I wonder if ebay can handle that
  10. As of right now I don't plan on having any kids and if I do they aint getting shit edit: They gonna bury me with those mother fuckers, big coffin full of jordans, watches, and gatorade
  11. Well I like CERTAIN watches rather then brands if that makes sense. I had on my list to buy: 1. One of the MVMT chrono watches - specifically the sage bronze link 2. One of the Invicta Venoms / Sea Hunter II's (I wanted the Coalition Force Sniper but i lost the bid on it) 3. One of the DZ4318 Mega Chief (Irridescent) - Just bought this one 4. One of the G Shock Steels - I was liking the red one I forget the exact model, 5. The Movado Bold - In Gold 6. I still haven't narrowed down one of the Seiko's I wanted but I wanted one of those 7. I seen a few citizens I liked and was trying to narrow one down. 8. And I bought a mid ranged Invicta Diver that I found on a sale a few weeks ago. (Plus I think ive got a Nike Fuel Fitness band, a Garmin Fitness Band, and a michael kors smart watch so far) - So far I got two out of my list but I'm trying to be reasonable and not blow too much cash on non sense stuff right now. I plan on buying the MVMT and maybe snag something from ebay between now and black friday. Trying not to be too irresponsible lol ' edit: The words were like invisable so i put it red wth
  12. Oh I have seen some of those I think there really nice - I am on a pretty hard budget for the next few years but Ill have to mark it on my list and save up
  13. Personally I make a lot of money but I think those watches look cool. I got real big hands and a particular taste - I do agree some of them are ugly but there are some that I love a whole bunch. This whole topic was about flipping it for some change provided its not a scam (Which it prob is lol) is an example of some of the really cool one's that are higher up. Everyone got there thing though I guess
  14. Don't buy then. pretty sure its a scam as he hasn't accepted my paypal payment yet.