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  1. Maybe im out of the loop but is V2 like a complete overhaul and re-do of asylum? Or like some modded version? Either way sounds pretty damn cool
  2. Isn't half of that list the same people that have been banned repeatedly for this over the years? lol
  3. You were correct for 99% of envy, until the king gorilla decided to check the forums. Some say I was born out of stone, some call me the shredder, but you can call me Blue_Gatorade
  4. I can't take playing in those lower brackets - its too toxic
  5. I agree but I also dont know shit about music so I dont know how valuable my opinion is. I would also say that you have a real good base and you should add in some extra things like piano keys e.t.c that change it up every few reps. (Again my opinions probably shit but since no one else commented why not )
  6. Id say the current system is probably the best its been for awhile with a pick / ban for ranked and most people ive played with like the map rotation currently. As for whether Siege is worth starting back up again ... probably not if you already have something better to play lol
  7. Anyone around Plat that still plays siege from this community? Looking for a few more people to consistantly play with. (EU or NA) Also anyone play Monster Hunter World lol, @CoryB ditched me so im like half way through the game and its definitely more enjoyable with other people
  8. Call me weird if you will but I listen to it a lot at work, especially: I think the beat you made is cool - I like more relaxed music like that when im dealing with numbers and code @eazy:(
  9. oh shoot alright I just cleaned it out - forgot there was probably a few years worth of stuff there. Yeah I think the discord invite expired and my message box was for sure full lol
  10. I dont think they officially gave word on needing to purchase a seperate game so at the current moment my understanding is as long as you have an active subscription to "WoW" then you will have active access to both your account that is the live version of BFA and access to the version that is Vanilla WoW. I wouldn't put it past them though to slap a 40$ tag on the game and then state that you can play either version of wow with the same subscription
  11. Whole different game (No characters will transfer over, but your subscription will count towards both) Its the game when it first came out before any of the expansions. The main "Allure" there is that this was back when the game was at its peak in popularity where things were harder, took a lot more time, and had more ephisis on needing to play with others rather than playing by your self
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