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  2. irrelevant player nobody cares
  3. is there some type of way i can negotiate a monthly payment plan to pay for pilot coveralls
  4. probably because all your kills are dog shit
  5. drop out of orca 5m up in the air and shoot someone in the back and your gang calls it montage LOL. clearly shows how shit tier these players and how they never witness gods in their presence
  6. thanks for wasting 40 seconds retard
  7. the fact that you think you withhold some role in this community as a "shadow" shows how much of a low life you are lmao. just play the game retard
  8. who the fuck is this retard to talk? lmao love how irrelevant retards comment on threads like they're a big man or something. you a fuckin dweeb
  9. who are you again?
  10. explains alot finally understand and quick question, do you bust a nut with that hand?
  11. lol please dont waste other people's time
  12. if you were good you wouldnt need to follow any of this and land in the square center of a big town and kill everyone
  13. ??? he has his back turned because you didnt bother paying attention to you lmao irrelevant
  14. 99% of this video is you missing